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    Why GameStop is excited for FIFA 18

    Hit the pitch like you never have before with this year's release of the classic soccer franchise, FIFA 18. This season, the game's cover features Real Madrid's all-time top scorer and back-to-back European Champion, Cristiano Ronaldo. Jump into the game and experience your favorite players, teams, and stadiums like you never have before.

    • Updated Engine: This year FIFA begins to blur the line between the virtual and real world. This time around, FIFA runs on the powerful Frostbite™ engine to bring players, stadiums, and teams to life in excitingly fresh ways we've never seen before.
    • Realistic Player Movements: In a huge step for the franchise, FIFA 18 introduces Real Player Motion Technology. This all-new animation system enables next-level responsiveness and player personality. You can now move exactly like top players on the pitch.
    • FIFA Ultimate Team Icons: This popular game mode has finally made its way to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Construct your team with legends from previous decades as well as icons of today in order to build the best squad to ever grace the pitch.
    • The Journey: Rejoin Alex Hunter with the continuation of his story from the Premier League. Accompany Hunter and a star-studded cast as they take a tour of the football world - from Brazil, to LA, to the Premier League pitch.

    FIFA 18 is the latest installment in the ever-popular virtual soccer game. With the updates to the game's graphics, game modes, and features, this year's version will be sure to not disappoint. Are you ready for your best season yet?

    EA Sports FIFA 18 is available for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch.

    The Game Informer Watch List: FIFA 18

    FIFA 18 returns with the second chapter in The Journey story mode featuring Alex Hunter, which broadens Hunter's horizons as he steps on the international stage as a soccer star. Many of the characters from last year's mode return, and so do some of the choices you've already made. In fact, The Journey: Hunter Returns (not available on Switch) adds on more choices, letting players branch the story out, and they can even customize Hunter's clothing.

    On the pitch, developer EA Canada has done work to add more personality, whether that's duplicating the way a specific player runs or making teams use different tactics. In general gamers should see more movement from players off the ball, giving you more options while in possession and ways to engineer and attack or snuff them out from your opponent.

    On top of this the game also keeps the ball rolling for its bevy of modes, including the popular Ultimate Team (including new legendary Icon players), career mode, and Pro Clubs. The series has been getting better and better with each year, and between the next chapter in the Alex Hunter story and more fluid gameplay, I'm excited to see where FIFA 18 takes me next.