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    Why GameStop is excited for Dishonored 2

    They never told you that leadership meant keeping your daggers within reach. Once the ruler of the Kingdom of the Isles, Empress Emily Kaldwin loses her throne to an otherworldly usurper. Now she's in the fight of her life, working with her father and guardian, Corvo Attano, as they work together to take back her kingdom and unravel the mystery of the assassin that claimed it.

    Dishonored 2 draws you back into the Kingdom of the Isles, an ancient world where supernatural monarchs and thieves rule.

    • Play as Emily or Corvo: After the prologue, you're given the choice of continuing the game as the Empress or reassuming the role of her guardian, each with their own unique playstyle.
    • Pacifist Mode : Choose your path to victory. A reworked combat system allows for brutal, and realistic fights, or you can sneak around your enemies and complete the game without taking a single life.
    • Challenging and Unique Levels : Whether it's a dust storm that offers only shifting cover, or a mystical device that lets you view the past, every level is filled with new adventures.

    Like the original game, your choices have consequences for later missions, and can change the options your character has available to them. The old supernatural system is replaced with a skill tree, opening up new abilities and upgrade paths.

    The city of Karnaca is your home. It's time you took it back.