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    Why GameStop is excited for Dead Rising 4

    Frank West will do anything for a story, or a slick pic of himself for social media. As a photojournalist, he covered, and made it out of some violent spots before, but nothing like this. During the holiday season he learns of a new zombie outbreak in usually peaceful Willamette. Frank grabs his camera, a couple snacks, and his bat before heading to the wastelands of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall.

    Dead Rising 4 takes place in an expansive, open world. The game is the latest chapter in the irreverent and acclaimed survival-horror series. From discarded rifles to a crossbow that shoots candy-canes, dispatch the undead with anything you can get your hands on.

    New features include:

    • No More Timers : In the single player campaign, you can take as long as you want to solve the mission, if you solve it at all. Investigate the outbreak, or spend every night killing zombies downtown. No clocks in sight.
    • Persistent Multiplayer: Play with up to three friends in a seamless co-op or connect to the net and join strangers from around the world through Xbox Live.
    • Swing Bigger Hammers: Exo Suits allow you to wield superhuman weapons to take down an endless zombie horde.

    What sets the Dead Rising series apart from other zombie survival games is its sense of humor and how it allows you to find creative ways to deal with the undead horde. Instead of forcing you through a tightly scripted narrative, Dead Rising 4 drops you into an (un)living, immersive world.