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    Why GameStop is excited for Battleborn

    From Gearbox Software, the same team that brought you Borderlands, comes Battleborn, a first-person shooter where you're more than just a pair of hands with a weapon. Play as one of 25 distinct heroes with devastating abilities and unique gear as you, and others, attempt to stop the evil Rendain and his dread legions from collapsing the universe's final star. Play as a lone hero standing against an entire army, cooperatively with up to five players online, or with two players in split-screen mode.

    • Story Mode or Arena Battles: Face down enemies as you and your friends conquer missions that take you through Battleborn's story or dive into multiplayer arena combat where you face off in 5v5 matches. Test your skills in all three competitive arena modes, Capture, Incursion, and Meltdown.
    • Build Your Character Rank: Your heroes won't remain static and boring as you progress through the game. Use earned experience points to level-up characters and improve your own Command Rank, to unlock rarity packs and new abilities like the Gear System.
    • Characters that Fit Your Play Style: You're not pigeonholed into one style of combat with Battleborn. Thanks to the truly unique design of each character and skill point assignments through the Helix Tree, you can tailor every character to function how you want.

    Even when the arena fighting ends, there's still more to explore. Master every character as you progress through Lore Challenges, uncovering snippets of their history, weapon specs, and signature audio files. Gamers can get Battleborn on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

    Battleborn Release Date: May 3, 2016




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