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    Why GameStop is excited for Arcade1Up

    Instead of digging coins out of the couch and heading to the nearest arcade, bring your favorite games home with Arcade1Up. At 3/4 scale of traditional arcade machines, Arcade1Up fits perfectly anywhere in your home while preserving the vintage arcade experience. Each game cabinet looks, feels, and plays like the classic arcade games, but now you can play without those elusive quarters on a 17" LCD screen.

    • Simple Setup and Play: Don't worry about assembling a 300-pound machine, Arcade1 Up game cabinets only weigh up to 63 pounds and are easily built with provided instructions. With dimensions of 45.8" H x 23" D x 19" W, cabinets can be placed in a corner or easily moved from room to room. Jump right into a game of Asteroids without paying to play, and play as you like either standing or sitting.
    • Play Classic Arcade Games: Arcade1 Up game cabinets feature officially licensed games with arcade-style fun. Choose from a variety of classic adventures in which you can fight as Ryu in one-on-one combat or snake your way through a game of Centipede. With licensor approved gameplay, you'll be able to enjoy original graphics, music, and sounds from vintage arcade games.
    • Authentic Design: Each Arcade1 Up cabinet is designed with official licensed authentic cabinet artwork, sending you back to the 80s as you control gigantic monsters to survive against military attacks in Rampage. You'll experience classic arcade games just as you remember with authentic arcade joysticks, trackballs, and buttons on a classic upright cabinet design. Cabinet riser add-ons are available for a true arcade feel.

    Arcade1Up game cabinets are officially released on September 25, 2018 and available for pre-order now for $299. Available arcade game cabinets include Asteroids, Street Fighter II, Centipede, and Rampage with multiple games in each cabinet. Pre-order your Arcade1Up game cabinet today and continue living in the golden era of arcade games.