In the beginning, the gods harnessed The Anthem, a source of pure creation. They used its power so wondrous lands could erupt into existence, but this world remains unfinished and too harsh for mankind to survive. Equipped with mechanical Javelin exosuits, a faction known as the Freelancers works to tame this planet for mankind's use. Battle against the power of The Anthem, and the instruments of the gods who harnessed it, and stop the shadowy faction from corrupting the land.

  • The Power of Javelin Exosuits: As you prepare to go on a mission, you select an exosuit from your collection. These Javelin exosuits provide loadouts, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Some Javelin suits are agile, while others are hulking and slow, but armed to the teeth. Personalizing your Javelin to fit your playstyle and the mission's needs will become crucial to your success.

  • Explore the Unfinished Work of the Gods: While the gods have not finished this world, it is a gigantic and diverse ecosystem. Explore forests, deserts, waterfalls, and other landscapes. Hazards, settlements, and enemies lurk around every corner and give you new characters to meet and stories to watch unfold.

  • Triumph as One: Team up and patrol the world. Anthem is a cooperative game in which you can join up to 3 other players in cooperative battles and adventures. Each mission will need every team member to use unique skills and fit a strategic role. Team up with friends or use intelligent matchmaking to explore and battle with other players.

Join the Freelancers on their quest to turn the tide in humanity's favor. Anthem is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


In Anthem, the latest game from the developer behind the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, you are a freelancer who must wear a powerful Javelin exosuit in order to explore an alien world and fight the monsters that inhabit it. Your Javelin exosuit can be upgraded and customized and serves as your class. The Colossus Javelin, for example, is a heavily armored suit that lets you sacrifice speed for power. The Ranger is a balanced Javelin, but you can also build more specialized Javelins like the Storm, which lets you summon a powerful storm. Regardless of what Javelin you equip, you have a jetpack that let's you fly above the world, or underwater to explore its depths.

Anthem can be played cooperatively with up to three other players as you split your time between tackling missions in the outside world with friends and upgrading your Javelin and making connections with NPC characters in the safety of Fort Tarsis. When you're in Fort Tarsis, the game functions more like the single-player RPGs developer BioWare is known for as you talk with people in the fort and make decisions that affect your future.

The third-person shooting action marks a new style for the studio, but the action looks intense and the world it has created is a compelling one. BioWare has a reputation for creating stellar narratives with interesting characters, and Anthem looks like it will meet the high bar set by the developer's previous work.