To celebrate the launch of the new Pac-Man™ and the Ghostly Adventures video game, we're giving away a Pac-Man's Arcade Party Cabaret Cabinet! Every day between now and December 31, you can redeem your PowerUp Rewards points for entries for a chance to win the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Sweepstakes. Get out your quarters and put on your Members Only Jacket, because these games will take you straight back to the 80s! Including Pac-Man®, Ms. Pac-Man®, Galaga®, Dig Dug® and many more retro games, this is the ultimate centerpiece for any home. Make sure you get in your entries now or risk missing out on this retro collection. And it's all courtesy of Namco Bandai Games and Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures!
You can redeem up to 15 entries per day! Just log into your PowerUp Rewards account, and you can get:
1 entry for 200 Rewards points
7 entries for 1,000 Rewards points
15 entries for 2,000 Rewards points

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