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PUBG Clinic

Team: Team Envy / Coaches: Venerated & PAT_KAPS

Every month, GameStop brings in new pro players to give you next-level guidance for your favorite competitive games.

Videos in this clinic:

Where should I drop? Venerated talks about how to choose a drop spot at the pro level, what to look out for in a good spot.

Where should I go? Venerated talks about choosing a rotation with your team to ensure you are moving to the best positioning you can. He will explain why positioning is one of the most crucial and complex aspects of the game, and how pro-level rotations are different than public play.

What to do when you first drop? PAT_KAPS talks about how to always win your first few fights right after the drop, how to make sure you are well-equipped and avoid being taken by surprise.

Vehicles Venerated talks about the different vehicles in PUBG, their pros and cons at high levels of play, and how they can be one of the most dangerous things in the game, but also enable you to win them.

RNG - Circles Venerated talks strategies on responding to circle changes - when they are both in and not-in your team's favor.

RNG - Load out PAT_KAPS talks through how you can be sure to get the best load-out, guns, meds, armor, etc. in each round, to make the random elements of the game less random in your play.

RNG War Stories Venerated and PAT_KAPS talk about some of their most intense moments in PUBG while playing together in the National PUBG League.

Move as a Team Venerated and PAT_KAPS talk about how to rotate and gain control of a map as a team, discussing how to know when to split up, stay together, and make aggressive pushes towards other players.

The final fight Venerated and PAT_KAPS discuss the endgame, how to make sure to win it, and be smart about information and utility to gain advantage over other teams.