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April Clinic
Team: CompLexity / Coach: Hogman

Every month, GameStop brings in new pro players to give you next-level guidance for your favorite competitive games.

Videos in this clinic:

Dropping The early game is crucial in setting yourself up for success for the rest of the match. To ensure a successful early game, Hogman discusses safer drops, hot drops, how to play each drops, and the overall strategy for an early game in Fortnite.

Basic Building In the Basic Building chapter, Hogman talks about how to build like a pro, how to set up your keybindings, important building structures, and how you build certain structures at certain points in time. He also goes over how to edit structures after building them.

Aiming Here, we discuss aiming and shooting in Fortnite. Hogman goes through the different types of shooting mechanics depending on the weapon you have, different types of blooms that you may deal with, as well as some tips and tricks that you can use in your Fortnite match.

Rotations Rotations are a very important part of Fornite! In this chapter, Hogman goes over when to do rotations, the goal, how to not take any damage while making rotations, and how to rotate in the end game by using different rotation items.

Build Battles In Hogman's favorite chapter, build battles, we go over how to be aggressive while building structures in order to secure an advantageous spot for the win. He talks about how you can prepare prior to picking a fight with the other person to set yourself up for success, how to protect yourself and be aggressive at the same time, and also editing tips and tricks to secure the elimination.

End Game Hogman discusses how to close out the game to secure the Victory Royale in this chapter of the GameStop Fortnite Clinic. Here, we take a look at what loadouts to use, how to position yourself in high, mid, and low ground, and how to pick which fights and protect yourself to take the final W.

Teamwork In the Teamwork chapter, we go through how to improve your teamwork in a duo through efficient communication. Some examples Hogman lays out are short callouts, making sure your duo partner is aware of how many resources you have, how to split your resources, and how to stay away from negativity.

Adapting In this chapter, we talk about how to adapt to the changes that are made in Fortnite. Hogman talks about what to do when maps have been changed completely, when there are new weapons, when there are nerf/buffs to specific weapons. Finally, he talks about how to handle significant changes that drastically affect the game.