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August Clinic
Fighting Game Legend Justin Wong

Every month, GameStop brings in new pro players to give you next-level guidance for your favorite competitive games.

Videos in this clinic:

Street Fighter V Getting Started: Understanding your move set and how to execute them is the first thing you want to learn properly.
Offense: Learn combos, how to do cancels and the most important game mechanic this game has to offer, Crush Counters.
Defense: Learn usage of V Trigger and how to be less anxious and avoid committing to unsafe moves against an opponent.

Mortal Kombat 11 Getting Started: Understanding your move set and how to perform them are key to getting good in Mortal Kombat 11.
Combos: Combos saves lives in this game. Learn which combos you can pull off and how.
Fatal Blow: A new game mechanic in the Mortal Kombat series.
Amplify: Learn how to make your special moves stronger by using the amplify system
Flawless Block: How to block without taking damage.
Punishes: How to recognize opportunities to punish your opponent's specials and specific scenarios to use them.
Grabs: How to grab in various situations and the importance of grabs in MK11.
Countering Grabs: Defend against opponents who have mastered grabs.

Tekken 7 Basic Attacks: Don't be overwhelmed by the many moves in this game. Learn some basic attacks that you need to get up to speed.
Attacking: How to identify opportunities and execute successful attacks.
Movement: Learn to master movement in Tekken's 3D arena and use it to your advantage.
Juggles: Identify how to start and end combos in Tekken 7.
Rage Arts: Learn how to turn the tide of battle on the brink of death.
Defense: Learn about risk and reward and how to block in this unique 3D environment.
How to get into fighting game community
How to handle loss and defeat