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May Clinic
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Coaches: Crimsix, Dashy & Rallied Team: OpTic Gaming

Every month, GameStop brings in new pro players to give you next-level guidance for your favorite competitive games.

    Videos in this clinic:

    Adapting to Other Teams Dashy talks about how to approach other teams' play styles from using theatre mode to scrim reviews.

    Amateurs v. Pros Are you an amateur trying to go pro? Rallied breaks down the journey from amateur to pro.

    Content Creation Crimsix and Rallied give their perspective on content and how it has helped build their fanbase. Passion is key and these two have seen success from it.

    Essential Equipment Want to learn how Dashy and Rallied use their Scuf Gaming controller? Grab those Turtle Beach headsets and listen in to hear how COD pros dominate the scene with Scuf Gaming and Turtle Beach on their side.

    How to Approach a Match

    Communication is absolutely key. Rallied details his approach to 2v2 matches.

    Being a Good Teammate Sacrifice, attitude and consistency. Crimsix, Dashy and Rallied talk about what it takes to be a good teammate.

    Improving How is Rallied so good at COD? Listen in on how Rallied has learned how to advance on a map and his approach to strategizing.

    How to Learn the Latest Game How do you deal with changes when a new version of COD comes out every year? Dashy, Crimsix and Rallied talk about approaching a new game and key takeaways to make learning the game a little bit easier.

    Roles How does OpTic Gaming use specialists? Crimsix, Dashy and Rallied discuss roles and strategy on using specialists.

    In Game Strategies & Map Control Dashy shares insight on rotations in S&D, controlling tempo and influencing spawns. Rallied walks through strategy on defusing a bomb with limited time left on the clock.

    Controlling Your Emotions Crimsix and Dashy have extensive experience in hectic situations, listen in to hear how they remain calm in comms.

    Mom, I Want to Play Videogames for a Living Esports is a very new field and it is important and sometimes difficult to get buy-in from loved ones. Crimsix, Rallied and Dashy have each had to prove to their parents that their passion for gaming can earn them a living.

    Preparing for Big Events Don't change your routine! Dashy and Rallied walk us through their experience at COD Major events.

    How to be a Pro How bad do you want it? Skill is not the only thing you need. Crimsix and Rallied share their path to pro and give advice to keep in mind while on the grind.