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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Soulstorm - New Eldar, Imperial Guard, and Necron
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Get up to speed on the new units in this soon-to-be-released expansion pack.

Dawn of War was an excellent real-time strategy game that brought the ultraviolent Warhammer 40,000 universe to life, and since then, the game has been supported by numerous excellent expansion packs. The latest expansion will be the soon-to-be-released Soulstorm, which will feature new playable factions, as well as new units to the game's existing factions. In our last preview for the game, we'll cover new units for the Eldar, Imperial Guard, and Necron factions.

Eldar Nightwing

The Eldar Nightwing is a new aerial unit that will act as a swift and powerful antiair vehicle for the faction. The Nightwing isn't the toughest vehicle on the battlefield, but it's one of the swiftest, and it can cover vast areas of ground quickly to even the odds. The vehicle is equipped with dual shuriken cannons and dual bright lances that are devastating against enemy air vehicles, though they're also useful against heavier targets such as tanks and mechs.

Marauder Bomber

The Marauder Bomber is a powerful unit whose versatile weapons make it an essential part of the Imperial Guard's forces. This aerial unit comes with heavy bolter weapons for use against ground forces, as well as lascannons to fight enemy air units. However, it can also be equipped with numerous types of bombs that can either be used to set up a clever feint or simply wreak havoc on enemy forces. For instance, the Marauder Bomber can be loaded with smoke bombs to cloud your enemies' vision, or with incendiary bombs to literally draw the line of battle with fiery walls. The unit can also be equipped with krak bombs to simply deal heavy damage to any enemy units below. This power and flexibility will keep most opponents guessing.

The Necron Deceiver

Soulstorm will not add a new air unit for the Necron faction. Instead, this faction will receive an upgrade to the already-powerful Necron Lord hero unit. In the Dark Crusade expansion pack, Necron heroes could research a powerful upgrade that temporarily let this unit assume the form of the Nightbringer--a Necron god. The Soulstorm expansion will add Essence of the Deceiver as a new research path for this faction's heroes to let them take the form of the Deceiver, another powerful Necron god. You'll need to choose carefully, since these upgrades are mutually exclusive. While the Nightbringer was a form that granted Necron heroes immense power on the battlefield, the Deceiver, while still a powerful god that can dish out a lot of punishment, has subtler abilities, such as the power to cause enemy armies to flee in fear and the power to summon illusory forces to draw enemy fire while your other forces move in for the kill.

By Staff