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Zapper: One Wicked Cricket by Atari Games




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  • Comic Mischief
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Atari Games
  • Developer: Atari
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

There's an electrifying new personality in town. When Zapper's brother gets kidnapped, it's not time for talk - it's time for action, payback and when the going gets tough, an electric zap from the antannae! Zapper's got four interactive worlds to make his way through, each with dangerous hazards he must avoid and eggs he must capture, all in the lead-up to his end battle with Maggie, the magpie that has taken his brother. His zap, plus fast-footed skills and superior timing, will drive Zapper to conquer all the worlds and survive that final showdown! Zapper is an action-packed and addictive game that starts with the "avoid-em-up" game play mechanics of Blitz Games' own Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge, and then takes the action to a whole new level.

* Non-stop frantic action!

* Four interactive worlds to explore - Eighteen twisted levels.

* Unlock hidden areas, bonus levels and more!

* Unique enemies and traps to thwart Zapper on his quest.

* Intuitive control system with increasingly complex levels.

* Multi-player games for up to four players.
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