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Terminator: Dawn of Fate by Atari Games




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  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Atari Games
  • Developer: Atari
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

This is a preowned video game. It is guaranteed to work on your XBOX video game console and may not include a box or instruction manual. Do you have what it takes to save humanity? Infogrames, Inc. challenges gamers to defend the future this summer in Terminator: Dawn of Fate. Currently in development for the the Xbox computer entertainment system, Terminator: Dawn of Fate is the game that answers the question of what happened before the hugely popular Terminator movies.

Terminator: Dawn of Fate packs the same frenetic action and over-the-top battle sequences that made the blockbuster movies one of the most popular franchises of all time. Since Terminator: Dawn of Fate takes place before the first Terminator movie, we've developed new elements for the Terminator universe, including all new Skynet Hunter/Killer (HK) machines, characters and storylines that would have existed before the first movie began. We strongly urge all Xbox gamers to sharpen their skills - they're in for more no-holds-barred, metal stomping cyborg warfare than they've ever experienced in a video game before.

Terminator: Dawn of Fate thrusts gamers into the events leading up to 2029. Set in 2027 against the vivid backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Earth, players must battle Terminators and other sinister HKs across bleak, war-torn urban battlefields, hi-tech R&D labs and heavy machine factories. By defeating Skynet's ferocious mercenaries and completing their missions, gamers will ultimately arrive where the first movie began - sending Kyle Reese back in time to stop the Terminator and protect Sarah Connor (John Connor's mother) and the fate of all humanity.
* Players will face off against their robotic foes as three unique playable characters, including Kyle Reese - the hero of the first Terminator movie - a hardened soldier and unknowing father to John Connor; Catherine Luna, a special operations officer; and a third, highly secretive character

* Each character is equipped with distinct strengths, combat style and signature weapons that come into play during the game

* More than 20 high-energy weapons are at the player's disposal for mowing down Terminators and other Skynet HKs, including rocket launchers, shock batons and explosive devices

* Additionally, highly intuitive artificial intelligence (AI) fighters will join the cause, lending their lives to assist in destroying Skynet

* A revolutionary dynamic camera system that allows the player to locate and target an enemy clearly and instinctively with its dedicated combat cam mode

* Twelve massive levels of cyborg-blasting mayhem and highly interactive environments, players will be immersed in a richly detailed futuristic universe, that reflects the original vision for the Terminator movies
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