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Still Life by Dreamcatcher




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  • Blood and Gore
  • Intense Violence
  • Sexual Themes
  • Strong Language
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Dreamcatcher
  • Developer: Microids
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

Victoria McPherson is a brilliant young FBI agent who's investigating a serial murder case. The body count is now at five and she has no real leads, nothing but a mountain of circumstantial evidence and a boss who's breathing down her neck. In order to take a break from it all, she decides to visit her father in the suburbs. Since it's close to the Christmas holidays, she and her father talk about their family, including Victoria's grandfather, who used to be a private investigator. This discussion leads Victoria to read one of her grandfather's old case files, a file which reveals an uncomfortably high number of similarities between a seventy-five year old case in Europe and the current string of killings in Chicago...

Victoria McPherson

Victoria McPherson, daughter of Patrick McPherson, DA of Chicago and grand daughter of Gustav McPherson, private investigator, comes from a wealthy background. She attented the best schools and her studies in psychology and criminology earned her many honors. After graduating from the FBI academy in Quantico, Victoria got a desk job profiling serial arsonists, rapists and killers. Although disappointed at being stuck behing a desk instead of doing fieldwork, she kept giving her best and was promoted to field agent.

After solving the case of the infamous Mississippi Crawler who would dump on the banks of the Mississippi the bodies of the young women he killed, she's coming back to the streets of Chicago where she grew up to tackle her second field case.

Gustav McPherson

Gustav, a new-yorker wrongfully accused of murder after a case went sour on him, left for a new life in Europe shortly after the charges were dropped. Cutting ties with the past and dropping the PI work, he picked up the brush and started painting. Then living in Paris, an irresistible case pushed him to reconsider his true vocation: a couple murdered in their hotel room, The Whytes affair, which led him to an occult artifact...

Fearing false accusations of murder once again, Gustav had no choice but to leave Paris. Nonetheless the Whytes affair rekindled his passion for PI work and the thrill of the chase once more pumped through his veins. Stepping off the train in Prague, Gustav meets the love of his life, Ida Skalickova. She and her friends hired him to hunt a bloodthirsty serial killer bent against prostitutes.

David Miller

Faced with a manpower shortage while a serial killer is butchering the women of Chicago, the Police Department assigns David Miller to assist the FBI agent who takes over the case. Miller's a good cop in a rough situation: CPD shuffled him sideways, his new partner growls at him, and even the FBI's medical examiner doesn't want him around. All of this makes David Miller a man with something to prove.

* Adventure Game of the Year Developers!

* Compelling scenario set in modern Chicago and late 1920's Prague, this 3rd person perspective, investigative puzzle-driven adventure introduces logical problem solving mixed with a complex and highly involving storyline to completely immerse the player.

* Play as two characters: Gustav (Gus) McPherson, returns from Post Mortem' in lengthy flashback gameplay sequences triggered by his granddaughter, Victoria MacPherson, reading his diary of his time spent in Prague. Gus was a Private Detective turned painter, and Victoria is an investigative police detective. Her current Serial Murder case is tied in a twisted and incredible plot to the Prague case that Gus solved too many years before

* Opportunity to investigate the crime scenes of gruesome serial homicides and to solve challenging puzzles finely integrated into the storyline

* Beautifully detailed environments, deep and intriguing characters

* Breath-taking cinematics reward the player throughout the experience of playing Still Life

* Numerous interesting NPCs to interact with which triggers story elements
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