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Steel Battalion 2: Line of Contact Online by Capcom




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  • Blood
  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Category: Simulation

Product Details:

The sound of thunder meets a hail of grit kicked up by an army of mechanical giants. Your mission command call goes out over the wire and you prepare to lead your Vertical Tank into the annals of online dominance. Steel Battalion Line of Contact for Xbox Live is a technological breakthrough in modern gaming. An evolved form of modern military weaponry, it is your mission to understand the inner workings of your VT in order to operate its dynamic controller interface and stay alive during this military coup. To succeed, you must master the exclusive 40+ button controller to successfully pilot your VT into online battle. This time, assemble your troop of five VT's and go head-to-head with other hostile VT troops. The military dynamic of the game constantly changes with Xbox Live making Steel Battalion Line of Contact the most intense futuristic combat game ever! Steel Battalion controller required to play

* Control your VT with the exclusive 40-button simulation controller designed and produced for Steel Battalion.

* Aside from the default cockpit view, a third-person perspective allows players to observe their VT in action during combat.

* More than 10 new massive Vertical Tank (VT) models to control.

* Steel Battalion: Line of Contact will make full use of the Xbox hardware in order to create ultra realistic visual effects and realistic mech battles.

* Create and customize emblems to personalize VTs.

Xbox Live features:

* Partake in the biggest online mech melee as opposing teams of five clash on the virtual battlefield.

* The Steel Battalion universe will evolve constantly as factions will gain and lose territory and as new combat situations are introduced.

* In Steel Battalion: Line of Contact, collaborating with teammates will be a key part of accomplishing mission objectives all thewhile improving yourpersonal combat skills.

* Search for rare VT's hidden throughout the game.
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