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Star Wars Battlefront by Lucasarts Entertainment




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  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Lucasarts Entertainment
  • Developer: Pandemic Studios
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

This game is playable on the Xbox Live Online System. For a full list of Xbox Live products, click here! Experience the classic Star Wars battles like never before - as a soldier on the front lines and in the back trenches. Crush the Rebellion or take the Empire head on - by yourself, or with an army behind you. Use any vehicle you see and any weapon you can grab to lead your side to victory.

Star Wars Battlefront gives you the chance to play as a soldier in intense multiplayer battles with up to 32 people. Choose your allegiance and pick a soldier from one of four different armies. Fight on ten legendary planets and use a variety of weapons and vehicles, including X-wings, snowspeeders and AT-ST's. Keep your wits about you and victory may be within your reach. Experience the chaos of battle as you fight the greatest wars in the Star Wars universe.
* Online play optimized for up to 16 players via Xbox Live

* Easy to connect with other gamers with a simple interface

* Fight in the greatest battles of the Star Wars universe and experience them as a soldier

* Play the battles from the classic Star Wars trilogy and from the Clone Wars era

* Fight from any perspective, in any vehicle

* Fight as a soldier from one of four different factions: Rebel, Imperial, Clone Trooper or Separatist

* Jump aboard the gun turrets as well as the more than 15 different ground and air vehicles found on the battlefield

* Drive AT-ST's, speeder bikes and tanks to outmaneuver your opponents

* Fly famous craft such as X-Wings and TIE Fighters and strafe your opponents

* Conquest Mode adds a new dimension to strategic play - Player teams who capture and conquer planets gain specific advantages and are awarded with special bonus abilities that can be deployed in future battles, all in an attempt totake over the entire Star Wars galaxy, planet by planet
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