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Splashdown by Atari Games




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  • Mild Lyrics
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Atari Games
  • Developer: Rainbow Studios
  • Category: Sports , Racing

Product Details:

This is a preowned video game. It is guaranteed to work on your XBOX video game console and may not include a box or instruction manual. Splashdown is a Sea Doo watercraft racing game, designed to provide fun and entertainment in a very realistic environment. Using the latest state of the art Xbox technology, Splashdown takes advantage of all the fantastic capabilities of this new generation console for a very high quality visual experience associated with very realistic background and physics handling. The game features Sea Doo watercraft models and equipment, bringing realism and the expertise of the world leader in Personal Watercrafts. Beautiful environments detail real-world locations while bright and lifelike characters complete the visually compelling game play. Experience the joy of ignorant bliss when you accelerate across the water and perform adrenaline-pumping stunts in your PWC!


Andy Pierce:
A local hero on the Mission Bay scene, this golden boy has got the charm and all-around skills to compete with the best. Andy sometimes seems like he's gotten a little too much sun over the years, but he's much sharper and focused than you might think.

Haily Hollister:
This little Aussie firecracker is one hot number - and she knows it! Daddy's been paying for her paradise jaunts throughout Southeast Asia, where she's racked up a lot of time on her Sea-Doo RX watercraft. Pretty strong skills all around - but she doesn't need props from the likes of you!

Kyoko Takahashi:
Low-key and pleasant most of the time, Kyoko's personality explodes once she gets out onto the water. With her showy style and outrageous stunts, she's a great crowd-pleaser. However, her more serious opponents are sometimes distracted by her boisterous energy and outspoken attitude.

Jeremy Wallace:
Jeremy used to be a pretty rough character in his younger days, but he's focused on racing now. Reckless and talented, he pulls out all the stops with his wild stunts. Starved for attention, yeah - but you still can't stop watching.

Rafael Martin:
Successful businessman, Rafael handles his Sea-Doo XP watercraft with grace and precision, as with everything else in his life. He's a familiar sight on the waters of the French Riviera, and can afford to do his thrill-seeking around the world. An aggressive and confident opponent.

Amman Ra:
After touring in support of his latest album, this smooth-as-silk Egyptian pop star is unwindingwith his favorite hobby. Taking his name from the gods, Amman Ra is far from modest, and he's not exactly used to losing gracefully. Then again, he's not used to losing at all.

Juana Lopez:
Juana looks like she could smack you down, but she'd never do that. Bold and lively, this onetime bodybuilder now prefers the thrill of the open water to the gym. And she takes her thrills at top speed, as you'll see when she goes blazing past.

Sebastian Kleinemann:
Once a powerhouse rowing champion, Sebastian has found a new sport now, and he's barely touched an oar since. A brute force on the water, he might barrel right through you on his Sea-Doo LRV watercraft - but he'll be sure to apologize later!
* Water racing like it's never been done before! Amazing real-time water with "hydrodynamic" physics including dynamic wakes, rolling waves and turbulence, and interactive physics objects.

* Choose from 8 wild riders from around the world plus one secret character, each with specific attributes ranging from speed and handling to stunts and agility: Andy Pierce, Hailey Hollister, Kyoko Takahashi, Jeremy Wallace, Rafael Martin, Amman Ra, Juana Lopez and Sebastien Kleinemann. Each rider is fully animated and lifelike to add to the dynamic game play.

* Blaze across one of 18 different amazingly detailed and exciting race courses spread across the globe: Amazon Jungle, Bali, Bering Strait, Everglades (Florida), Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Hawaii, Lake Havasu (Arizona), Lake Quilotoa (Bolivia), Loch Ness (Scotland), Madrid (Spain), Mission Bay (California), Nice (France), Nile River (Egypt), Rhine River (Germany), Seoul (Korea), Three Rivers (Pennsylvania), Tokyo (Japan), Venice (Italy) and one secret location.

* Over 20 wild, acrobatic stunts per rider including an exclusive "signature trick": saran wrap, nac-nac, superman, lazy boy, seat surf, air walk, etc.

* Licensed Sea Doo watercraft, each with custom tuned physics. Sea Doos and riders each have separate, unique physics.

* Race against your opponents in three different events: Career, Arcade, and Vs. mode. Arcade features four events including Circuit, Time Trials, Countdown, and Free Ride while Vs. features Circuit, Copy cat, Countdown and Free Ride.

* Pick up different rider wetsuits around each course for 3 extra wetsuits.

* 3 difficulty levels, hilarious character dialogue/quips and spectacular wrecks and bails complete this wild racing on the water!
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