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Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy by THQ




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  • Fantasy Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: THQ
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

Introducing Sphinx, a whole new kind of hero. Sphinx is an original 3rd person action-adventure inspired by the mythology of ancient Egypt. With a quality on par with animated film, Sphinx takes gamers to a new level of immersion!

An old magical Egyptian universal empire joined several worlds through lunar and solar disc portals. That old empire is destroyed and the rest of the civilizations in each world have suffered different fates. Some of them have maintained contact and some of them have lost it. These worlds have been separated for such a long time that now some of them would not recognize the different races of the different worlds.

The legend says that two forces, a negative one and a positive one, are trying to recover the old empire and all of its crowns again. Recently, strange things have been happening. News is received from many places that problems are appearing. The normally peaceful villages are now at war. Odd monsteres appear in valleys where there was once placid ecology. Nobody knows why.
* Transport yourself beyond the deserts of Egypt to amazing worlds based on fantasy and mythology.

* Play as Sphinx, a headstrong demi-god with the ability to morph into a winged lion.

* Control the mummy when you to rely on stealth to outwit your enemies.

* Totally immersive storyline and epic gameplay driven by Hollywood quality cinematics.

* Interact with hundreds of unique and imaginative creatures - enemies and allies.
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