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Spartan: Total Warrior by Sega




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  • Blood
  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Creative Assembly
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

While Creative Assembly's Total War games emphasized the player as commander (the General), Spartan: Total Warrior puts the player in control of a heroic warrior. Spartan: Total Warrior will engulf the player into the midst of titanic clashes between mighty armies, blending mythical beasts and legendary monsters into the fray. Brutal combat meets epic warfare on the battlefields of the ancient world as you fight for your life, your freedom and your honor.

General Combat Tips

Attack enemies from behind to inflict greater damage.

Take enemies unaware as they attack ally troops.

Utilise the radial attack on groups of enemies, follow up with fatality move on prone opponents for quick kills.

Spot incoming attacks by the glint of their weapons or a tell tale charge with their weapons raised. Quickly raise your shield or tap X attack to counter enemy moves.

Use the rage attack whenever possible on the strongest enemy or group of enemies.

Utilise the shield bash/sweep to open up blocking enemies for an attack.

As you gain new weapons, Rage and Power attacks become more useful and effective against enemies.

The Storm Breaks (Level 01)

Kill the centurions that lead each Siege Tower - Follow the red radar marker to get to the centurion. Ignore the other Romans and kill the centurion. When he is dead the next centurion will appear from the next Siege Tower. Repeat this until all 3 centurions are dead. Use Jump Attacks to destroy Centurions' Shields, Use Direct Rage Attack to finish Centurions quickly.

Protect King Leonidas/Protect the gates - Romans are ascending the walls! Kill off all the Romans. Keep an eye on Leonidas' health and on the damage done to the city gates. Again, try to focus your attacks on the Centurions, who will kill a lot of your allies. Pull the lever to the portcullis to allow allies to join the battle, whenever a crowd of Spartans are waiting to join the battle.

Prevent Talos and the engineers from breaking the city gates - Talos draws nearer every second... wait for the catapults to be loaded and fire them when they are ready. Keep an eye on the radar for any engineers trying to damage the gate. Activate the cauldron to kill off the engineers. Don't let the cauldron get destroyed. Talos will be stopped after all 3 catapults have been fired. Pay attention to your allies - they will tell you which element of the challenge to concentrate on as the battleensues

A Spartan Welcome (Level 02)

Kick over the braziers to burn the tents. The brazier locations are highlighted as yellow markers on the radar. Kick over the last brazier to burn down the gate.

When fighting barbarians, watch out for their combination attacks. Shield bashing is less effective against these tough fighters. Try to use fire to defeat them quickly. The Medusa Shield can greatly assist you against this level, but make sure you make the most of the short duration mass-petrification.
Assist your allies in killing all the barbarians to continue. When all the enemies are dead proceed to cross the bridge to the South East.

Find the chest containing the fire arrows and head South East to Castor and the others. Fire at the fire barrel to topple the tower to form a bridge. Cross the column and turn right. Make your way around and drop down to the main area. Activate the lift to the East. Head up the spiral ramp and cross the bridge to the large tent. Head behind the tent and light the amphora in the crates. Head back down the spiral ramp and kill all the barbarians to continue

The Last Stand (Level 03)

Charge at the Romans and keep killing them whilst avoiding the Medusa beam. When enough troops are killed, Centurion backups will appear. Kill the centurions on the radar and proceed to meet up with allies to the South East. Drop off the ledge to the left to avoid the chasm. Head up to Castors location. Power and Health shrines are at the edges of the battlefield. Destroy petrified soldiers to get extra power blobs.

Inside the temple kill off all the archers with your bow and arrow. There are arrow pickups in the North West corner if you run out. When all the archers are gone, kill all the remaining troops. Ally sappers will lead you to the next area.

During this area you will meet and fight Crassus. Top up on health with the shrines in the middle by the Medusa and replenish power by the power shrines at the 4corners of the steps to the Medusa contraption. Shield bash Crassus and attack him when he is open. You can only block his power attack if you have a full power orb. Repeat this while avoiding the Medusa beam, until Crassus is dead. Use Direct Rage and Direct Power moves to damage Crassus most.
* Epic Battles feature hundreds of on-screen combatants simultaneously.

* Beautiful Cinematic Environments feature a wide variety of sweeping vistas, weapons and foes that push the power of the console, specifically the PS2.

* A Wide Variety of Units include Roman soldiers, skeleton armies and classic mythological creatures.

* A Variety of Moves including spectacular power moves, acquire new more powerful weapons and armor and earn favor and powers from the gods.

* Varying Mission Structure with multiple objectives including escorting, capturing, destruction, discovery, and survival, keeping the game play fresh.

* Arena Mode Experience pure combat action with friends.
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