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Soccer Slam by Sega




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  • No Descriptors Available
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Sega
  • Category: Sports

Product Details:

Have you ever taken on a deranged kilt-wearing Scotsman in a wild, no-holds-barred soccer match? In Sega Soccer Slam for Xbox you'll unleash merciless kicks, tackles, and steals against excitable, colorful characters from all over the world. Each character in this anything-but-ordinary soccer game wields special powers and moves that if executed properly earn the big score. Get to the random spotlight that appears on the field and your character will shoot skyward with the ball and slam it toward the unsuspecting goalie. In Quest Mode, you can unlock secret stadiums and uncover hidden items to improve your already stellar performance. Watch the intensity rise as you utilize your new power moves in other game modes. If you're a little rusty on the field, the Practice Mode will get you going again. When you're confident in your smash mouth hits and soccer tackles, throw in some bad weather and gather up a bunch of friends for a rowdy round-robin tournament.

This quirky pick-up-and-play soccer game is filled with trash talking egomaniacs from around the globe taking their best shot at big league glory. At a breakneck pace, the 18 cartoon-like characters brutalize each other with bullying blocks, adrenaline-packed hits, slimy steals, and crushing power moves. All six teams pull from their special elements for power, for example, Team El Fuego bursts into flames, Team Tsunami turns into walls of water, and Team Volta sizzles with electricity when they're powered up.

Sega Soccer Slam for the Xbox is a significant departure from the straight-ahead sports titles we've come to expect from Visual Concepts in their Sega Sports Series, but don't be fooled. The look of the game is pure fun, but the moves are pure pro and modeled after classic soccer strategies. There are so many different levels of competition in the game that all players, from newbies to experts, will have a blast.

The best way to insure victory is to master the controls, andPractice Mode will help you do that in minutes. Beyond passing, kicking, stealing, etc. there are fantastical moves such as Spotlight Shots, Power Moves, and Killer Kicks that will incite the rowdy crowd every time.

In this mode, you'll get right to the field and into the heart of the action, but you'll have to give up choosing your team, venue, and weather conditions (clear, fog, rain, or snow) for the sake of your speedy start. You have total control of your game selections in the other modes.

Pummel a friend, or beat down the computer opponent in Exhibition Mode. Once you select your team and venue, it's time to step up and earn your bragging rights. If you're the away team you'll kick off first.

Select your team of rabble-rousers and play your own five-day round robin tournament engaging in up to 15 games. Rankings are updated throughout based on records and goals scored and the team in first place after the fifth day wins the Tourney Championship.

The journey to the Continental Cup is one you'll go alone. Select your favorite team for the 10-round tourneys and go on to the playoffs. Along the way you'll pick up cash for your victories to beef up your stellar players with even more hard-core skills. Each team player has three quest items to look for which will increase their skill levels not only in this mode but others as well.

If you're going to bring the heat on the field, you've got to get your striking, passing, stealing, and of course killer kicks up to pro level. Take some time out for 16 rapid-fire lessons so you can lead your team to victory.
* Six teams of three odd characters (plus goalies) from around the world face off.

* Stadiums are filled with lively, chanting, banner-waving fans.

* Challenge your friends in Exhibition and Tournament Mode.

* It's you against the computer in Quick Start, Practice, and Continental Cup Quest Mode.

* Power-ups and Bonus moves reveal dazzling special effects.

* 18 unique 3D characters with their own personalities, moves, and signature goal celebrations.

* Over 1,000 motion-captured moves bring the characters to life.

* Colorful announcer gives real-time commentary on specific plays.

* User-friendly controls make it easy to jump in and master tricky moves.
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