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Shark Tale by Activision




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  • Cartoon Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Activision
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

Based on DreamWorks' Shark Tale, the game takes you on a new adventure playing as Oscar, a fast talking little fish who finds himself in hot water when he's mistaken for a hero. Relive the infectious funk and hilarity of the movie in the only game that delivers a unique blend of underwater adventure, racing, fighting, and hip hop dancing.

* The Only Game That Lets You Relive the Shark Tale Film and Beyond

Play as Oscar, the fish with more of "it" than any other lead character--he is a smooth talking extrovert who exudes humor and a quirky sense of confidence
Relive story locations as well as unique environments and situations in more than 14 adventure-packed missions, throughout a variety of environments with over 6 different locations
Featuring bonus mini games throughout the adventure
Movie inspired and licensed music

* Shark Tale Delivers More Variety of Gameplay Than Any Other Movie-inspired Game

Adventure - Explore Reef City in full 3-D, through a combination of locations from the movie and completely new areas
Race & Chase - Careen through a bustling underwater metropolis, dodging traffic, buildings, and bridges

* Also outrun Huge Sharks, smashing signs, boxes, and sandbars

Stealth - Use Oscar's size to elude a variety of enemies, gain access to the forbidden Sunken Ocean Liner
Dance - Uniquely choreographed hip hop dance moves

* Experience the Hip Culture of Reef City

Captures the vibe of the movie through a combination of original and licensed R&B / hip hop music from classic & current artists
Game features boogie down and get funky gameplay where players must mix and match dance moves and follow a stream of fast-paced/directed commands
Lets players interact with the urban environments of Reef City
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