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Scaler: The Shape Shifting Chameleon by Take 2 Interactive




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  • Cartoon Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Take 2 Interactive
  • Developer: Take 2 Interactive
  • Category: Action , Platform

Product Details:

A crazy odyssey into a mysterious 3D land to save lizards everywhere! Bobby "Scaler" Johnson got more than he bargained for when he stumbled upon his next door neighbor's evil plot to take over the world by stealing all the lizards and training them to become his mutant army. Bobby takes on his enemies in ways kids will only have dreamed of...by transforming into one of them. Sneaky, elusive, witty and hysterical - this unexpected hero will keep you guessing just what will happen next!

* State-of-the-art physics

* 8 types of game

* Composure response - play like a pro and the game gets easier; play like crap and the game gets harder

* Radically unique golf interface and user control system - just push the "stick" to hit the ball - much easier to use than previous golf games

* Play through 30 tournament events to unlock better clubs and balls

* Play through 12 driving range events to improve your golfer's skills

* For 1 to 4 players with only one controller required
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