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Rugby 06 by Electronic Arts




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  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Category: Sports

Product Details:

This game is playable on the Xbox Live Online System. For a full list of Xbox Live products, click here! Rugby 2005 was all about capturing the excitement and Intensity which links each EA SPORTS title. Rugby 2006 places emphasis on creating the best gameplay any rugby game has ever seen. In maintaining realism, Rugby 06 moves closer and closer to actually playing in a real Rugby match by giving users complete offensive control. Like a real match, users can now keep the momentum of an attack going by utilizing the new Off-load passing control. This feature will allow players to pass out of a tackle and thus sustain the pressure and intensity of each attack. Combine this with the new extra speed and responsive gameplay and you have two major improvements which will help bring the excitement of Rugby to living rooms worldwide.

Rugby matches at the highest level require discipline, team skill and moments of individual flair and brilliance Matches can be won through one player's innovation, inspiration and magic. With scores level, users can turn to their Impact Player. The Impact Player feature is based on the principle that in any professional sport there are great players who have great impact on the outcome of a game. Rugby 06 captures the ability of those select players and if used effectively, users will be able to enhance their chances of securing the victory.

Fans are attracted to the game of Rugby for many reasons, the drama, the tension but mostly the hard hitting action. In the heat of the moment things can get out of hand and nothing captures this better than the illegal hit feature. Players can choose to deliver brutal illegal hits when they want. If used in the right situation, this feature can help to neutralize the effect of your opponent's impact player on the match. As with any foul play,illegal hits will earn the user the punishment of the instigating player being sent to the sin bin. This brings an aspect of strategy to the game, deciding when or whether to use this feature or not.

* Impact Players: Rugby 06 captures the abilities of world's finest Rugby stars. Users can utilize these abilities and if called upon in the right situation, the star player can have a key "Impact" on the outcome of the match.

* Increased Tactical Plays: Over 25 tactical set plays can be mapped to the controller. This allows the user the option of choosing/changing the plays in accordance to what they believe to be the most effective or that which best suits their playing style.

* Off-Loading Passing: Players can pass out of a tackle. By being able to off load the ball once the defender has been drawn into the tackle, users can exploit the gaps that will be left by those defenders. This feature will also allow for a more flowing game.

* Comprehensive Commentary: Legendary former All Black's star Grant Fox provides all new commentary along with updated commentary by Ian Robertson. A combination of the two creates an authentic and realistic sounding in-game commentary.

* Enhanced Stadiums and Conditions: Improved stadium visuals include rolling banners, improved textures, 3D grass accompanied by different pitch patterns and team specific animated flags. The stadiums are complimented by new weather conditions such as snow and fog, with visible player breath and steam off the packs in cold weather conditions.

* Teams and Tournaments: In addition to last year, Rugby 06 has added more licensed teams and tournaments including the Guinness Premiership and the Heineken Cup.
World League Mode: Rugby 06 incorporates a number of career mode enhancements to give a more compelling world league experience. Users can try to build a super team by making use of the in depth transfer market at their disposal. With all new club objectives and performance based offers from rival clubs, only the best managers will survive.

* Quick Penalties & Lineouts: Users can now execute quick penalties immediately after it has been called. This feature if used in right situations is designed to continue the games objective on improved and freer flowing gameplay. The same principle has been applied to the all new quick lineouts which users can utilize, in order to maintain the pace or flow of an attack.