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Rogue Ops by Kemco




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  • Blood
  • Mild Language
  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Kemco
  • Developer: Kemco
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

Rocked from normality by an explosion that claimed her daughter and husband, ex-Green Beret Nikki Conners exploits her military training and her new role as leading lady in a covert government agency to further her personal quest for vengeance. After receiving two years of gruelling instruction, she is unleashed upon Omega 19, a terrorist organization recognized as the most ominous in the world. With a host of engaging missions, Rogue Ops tests Nikki's ability to survive in any situation


Project Phoenix: Rising from the flames of a world under siege from terrorist attack, Phoenix, the most covert anti-terrorist group on the planet, wages war against those who would destroy society. Because its adversaries are many and ruthless, Phoenix resorts to measures that would be unacceptable for most government organizations.

Nikki Connors:

Shattered by witnessing the death of her family, Nikki was driven to find out why they were killed. Her quest for the truth became a threat to the security of Phoenix, forcing them to act.

She is recruited by them as "material" with potential and given the opportunity to serve Phoenix as a warrior against terrorism.

After two years of intensive training Nikki has been groomed to be a cold-blooded killer. Motivated by a need to avenge her family, her rebellious attitude is tolerated by Jacobsen only because she gets the job done.

Colonel Nathan Jacobsen:

A charismatic and ruthless commander, Jacobsen's record of success from Nicaragua to Kosovo has earned him his current position as head of Phoenix. He's perfect for the job, as ruthless as the terrorists he seeks to destroy. Jacobsen is usually quite willing to sacrifice his operatives if the success of a mission lies in the balance.

He's been known to sacrifice a few innocents, as well, if it means saving hundreds of lives that would otherwise be lost to terrorist acts. Nikki resents Jacobsen for this very fact as she suspects he may have willingly sacrificed Michael for the cause.

Peter VanSant:

Peter is Phoenix's best field operative, and Nikki's mentor. A coldly efficient killing machine Peter has a wealth of experience as an assassin and agent. He knows what it takes to get the job done and usually brooks no argument to his decisive instructions.

Cody Tucker:

Tucker is Phoenix's computer whiz kid and seldom leaves Section. Tucker has a healthy respect for Peter, and usually does his bidding without question. But hisfriendship with Jonah and Nikki leads Tucker to bend the rules occasionally. He usually gets caught, but the fact that there's really no one who can do the job as well as he does saves him.

Jonah Williams:

Jonah is Phoenix's munitions master, a weapons expert who trains Nikki in the use of firearms, explosives and a variety of devices he creates. Once a field operative, he's been around since the beginning.

Jonah is a free spirit, cantankerous at times, rebellious at others, but he has learned the art of survival, and is constantly trying to impart that knowledge to Nikki.

Omega 19 - Initially a rogue group of disaffected military officers out of the old Soviet Union, Omega 19 has become Phoenix's most persistent and dangerous foe. Its initial aim of returning their homeland to its former glory has become clouded by the forging of mutually beneficent links to many eastern European criminal organizations.

Henrik Van Cleef:

Henrik Van Cleef is an international illegal arms dealer and Omega 19 operative. He is the subject of Nikki's first mission. The information learned from him, before his none too timely death, allows Phoenix to uncover a sinister Omega 19 plot.

Serena Demeter:

Serena Demeter is a ruthless terrorist and psychotic killer who doesn't suffer fools gladly. She has proved her loyalty to Omega 19 many times over and is absolutely trusted by them to carry out their most important operations, quickly and efficiently, and usually with style. Nikki will clash with her more than once during her missions.

Agostan Varga:

Agostan Varga is a corrupt Hungarian politician who has sold his services, along with an ex-soviet nuclear device, to Omega 19 for large sums of cash.

Ernst Stauffer:

Ernst Stauffer is head of his family's privately owned Swiss bank and an active Omega 19 operative. He is tasked with using his highly secure bank to hide illegal Omega 19 funds that run into millions.

Doctor Slavko:

Doctor Evgeni Slavko isa chemical warfare scientist who created many horrendous weapons for his former soviet paymasters. With the collapse of the old Soviet Union, Slavko thought he was out of a job until recruited by Omega 19. He now continues his nefarious work for them.
* Mission success in Rogue Ops relies on undetected operations. Players can hide in the shadows, suspend from ceilings, seek refuge inside environmental objects like storage lockers or slide against walls to peer around corners.

* Heightened enemy AI. When alerted, enemies investigate suspicious behavior and circumstances. Once enemies go to full alert, they never return to routine patrol.

* Eight action-packed missions featuring challenging objectives in 8 diverse environments. Engaging dialogue advances the plot through surprising twists and revelations.

* Extensive arsenal. Nikki's weapons include pistol, shocker, sniper rifle, crossbow, shuriken, smoke bomb, frag grenade, jamming grenade, remote mine and proximity mine. Depending on the circumstances, players must choose weapons that will not set off alarms or draw attention.

* Cutting-edge spy tools. Field innovations include retina scanner, V.I.S.E.R., fly cam, thermal optical camouflage, adrenaline boost, communication system and grapple hook. Limited battery power on some devices helps balance game play and strategy.

* Cinematically scored soundtrack. Dramatic music and realistic audio effects elevate the intensity of this amazing game experience.
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