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Rocky by UbiSoft




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  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: UbiSoft
  • Developer: UbiSoft
  • Category: Fighting

Product Details:

Based on the critically acclaimed Rocky movie anthology staring Sylvester Stallone and featuring all of the lead characters from the five Rocky films - Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago and Tommy Gunn. Fight your way through a variety of single and multi-player game modes using a huge range of punches from attacking hooks, jabs and uppercuts to defensive blocks, ducks and weaves. Rocky features a wide variety of fight and training locations painstakingly recreated from the movie anthology, from the early rundown gyms to the world's best-known arenas, and is the ultimate boxing game franchise.

Detailed character models based on reference material supplied by MGM:

* Rocky Balboa - We have painstakingly constructed character models to accurately recreate Sylvester Stallone's appearance in each of the five movies.

* Apollo Creed - The fast talking King of Sting, a quick hitting, west coast fighter who demolishes his opponents with speed and flair.

* Clubber Lang - A devastatingly powerful brawler, the Southside Slugger from Chicago, has fists of dynamite and a fiery temper.

* Ivan Drago - The Russian fighting machine, the Siberian Bull, is trained to perfection and ready to show the world his deadly boxing skills.

* Tommy "Machine" Gunn - The rising star coached by Rocky who as a corrupted young protégé will meet his mentor in a climactic streetfight.

Four Game modes:

* Movie Mode - Relive Rocky Balboa's ascent to World Heavyweight Champion meeting Rocky's opponents from the five films along the way.

* Exhibition Mode - Choose from any of the boxers you have unlocked in Movie mode and compete in single bouts against a friend or CPU opponent.

* Knockout Tournament Mode - 16 boxers participate in a knockout tournament.

* Sparring Mode - Perfect your boxing skills against your three expert sparring partners.

Key Features:

* Training - work out on the Speedbag, Heavy bag, Situps, Skipping and Punch Mitts to improve different aspects of Rocky's performance in the ring.

* Fight locations include Mighty Mick's gym, Philadelphia Arena, Titan Beach Florida, Big Rock Nevada, Queensburys' Fighting Club Washington and Moscow.

* Superb free-flowing animation featuring moves motion captured from a current World Champion boxer.

* Fast, smooth gameplay allows you to attack and block at a lightning pace.

* Huge range of punches available - Over 256 moves are faithfully captured including attacking hooks, jabs and uppercuts; defensive blocks, ducks and weaves; even a couple of dirty moves ready to be combined in different combos for each fighter.

* Realistic damage includes bruises, facial swellings, blood and sweat glistening on the boxers bodies as the action heats up.

* Facial animation allows you to see the expression of determination cross his face as your boxer steps into the ring, or the surprise registering as a punch lands and his jaw flies open.

* Lipsynch technology gives realistic mouth movements throughout the ingame speech, adjusting itself to the language you select to play the game in.

* Taunts allow the boxers to show off to the crowd, taunting each other with a variety of different moves. The boss characters also have bursts of speech from the original actors for Rocky, Clubber Lang and Tommy Morrison.

* Real-time recovery rates affect fighter's performance and tactics. The game tracks changes to your long and short term energy levels.

* "ActiCrowd" Technology - animated audiences of up to 2000 per arena.
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