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Rainbow Six: Lockdown by UbiSoft




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  • Blood
  • Language
  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: UbiSoft
  • Developer: UbiSoft
  • Category: Shooter

Product Details:

In Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown, you lead Team Rainbow, the world's most elite counter-terrorist unit, as they are called into action and unfamiliar territory to battle a bioterrorist threat. Stakes escalate as they are personally targeted by an evil terrorist organization. Used to protecting the lives of others, Team Rainbow must now embark on a mission to fight and save some of their own.

The next Rainbow Six installment will introduce a new single player experience with a darker personal storyline, state-of-the-art equipment, and offer gamers the chance to play as two members of Team Rainbow: Ding Chavez, the fearless leader of Team Rainbow, and a new sniper role portrayed by Dieter Weber, who must cover his team's movement with deadly accuracy.

The Xbox version has a new & amazing exclusive mode that will bring the multiplayer experience to a further level of excellence.

Rainbow Six Q&A

By Matt Dohmen, Rainbow Six Lockdown PS2 Designer and
Martin Hultberg Xbox Dev Team

1. For fans that aren't familiar, can you give us some background behind who Rainbow Six is and what they stand for?

Rainbow is an international, counter-terrorism organization made up of the best anti-terrorist operatives from around the world. Their commander is John Clark, whose designation during missions is "Rainbow Six". He and the two Rainbow teams (Alpha and Bravo) are the people governments around the world turn to during the worst terrorist situations. Rainbow are regarded as the best of the best in the world of counter-terrorist operatives and embody the skills and professionalism of a world-class combat team.

2. What major changes and new features will fans of the Rainbow Six series notice in Rainbow Six Lockdown?

Players will first notice the redesigned interface. During gameplay, the player will be seeing through the eyes of his current operative (Ding Chavez or Dieter Weber). The interactive goggle heads-up display (HUD) will reflect environmental conditions, such as dust, rain, and smoke, as well as real-time battle damage. This will make the game more immersive from start to finish.

Lockdown puts players in the boots of not only Ding Chavez, the leader of the Rainbow's Alpha team who embodies the gameplay of past Rainbow games, but also those of Dieter Weber. Dieter is Rainbow's sniper and is more of a loner than the other team members. In past games, the sniper rifle was simply another weapon the player could choose. In real life, snipers aren't running around with other teammates in close-quarters combat; snipers are outside the normal mission space providing support to the team. In Lockdown we've changed the way sniping works to reflect the way it works in real life but we also had to make sure it worked within our gameplay.

Dieter is usually dropped into the midst of intense firefights between Rainbow and the enemy. He is in a unique position to help the team during combat by eliminating critical enemy threats Rainbow may not even see. This separation from the team is reflected in his personality - he's the lone perfectionist, the invisible force helping the main team with its mission. That's something else players will notice; the other members of Rainbow have their own distinct personalities. Teammates' personalities are shown to the player during gameplay with their actions and what they say.

3. What will the new multiplayer features be in Lockdown? Can you elaborate on them?

The PlayStation 2 version of Lockdown has a new objective-based team vs team mode called Rivalry. In this mode, two teams compete to capture objectives scattered around the map. These objectives can be anything from rescuing hostages and disarming bombs to hacking computer terminals. These objectives are located in areas that were built to showcase the kind of tactical combat that teams will need to use to dislodge an enemy team that has entrenched themselves near an objective.

The new multiplayer equipment also makes this mode more tactically interesting. Players can now do things like fusing a door shut (making it difficult to come through without explosives) and setting proximity flashmine' traps to blind enemies. These new kinds of multiplayer equipment are added to make combat more interesting by not flat out killing opponents but instead adding a layer of complexity to a team's plans to take over an objective.

Finally, Lockdown PS2 multiplayer will allow players for the first time to play Rainbow operatives versus Mercenaries. Playing as either side, players will get specific equipment, gear, and weapons depending on who they choose to play as.

The Xbox version of Lockdown will feature our new multiplayer game mode, Persistent Elite Creation (PEC) mode. PEC mode is a completely new persistent data system that allows players to create, customize and level up a character throughout the course of gameplay. The new system has four character classes with very unique and different abilities. Characters will earn training points as they level up, which will allow them to improve various aspects of theirabilities. Training points will be limited so it will not be possible to maximize everything.

Players will be able to fully customize their appearance. The customization options include face and gender, uniform camouflage, body armor and a great selection of headgear.

An integral part of PEC mode is the Economy system, through which players manage their uniforms, body armor, headgear and certain specific pieces of equipment that is available to them. This system does not apply to weapons and ammunition however (except for grenades). Weapons are made available based on skills and selected before each mission like in Rainbow Six 3 and Black Arrow.

Winning and losing games will award various amounts of credits that can be used to purchase and improve your character.

4. Which characters will be included in Lockdown?

On top of the original characters from Rainbow Six 3 (Weber, Losielle, Price), Lockdown has additional Rainbow operatives that have only appeared in previous versions of the PC game. The operatives include Assault team members Jamal Murad (Egyptian), Ayana Yacoby (Israeli), Renee Raymond (American), and Specialists such as Annika Lofquist (Swedish), Pak Suo-Wan (South Korean), and Roger McAllen (Canadian).
5. What are the new weapons in Lockdown and what are their specialties?

There are 23 weapons available in the Rainbow Six Lockdown single player game. We have four very unique weapons for the shooter market - a small pistol type South African Shotgun, the MP7SD Submachine gun, the PP-M1 Russian Submachine gun, and the SA58 Assault Rifle.

6. What types of new equipment were added to Lockdown?

Lockdown has new equipment for interacting with doors such as the Breaching Hammer. This piece of equipment can be used to break a door's lock and stun those in the room. The Lock Fuser has the opposite effect as it uses a small explosive charge to super heat a door's locking mechanism. This basically causes the door to become one with the wall that surrounds it. Finally, the Proximity Flashbang will toss a flashbang into the air when an enemy unit is detected by its infrared indicator.

7. How has the AI been improved in Lockdown versus the previous versions of Rainbow Six?

The AI in Lockdown has been redesigned to reflect major differences between enemy training and skill level. The player will run into three different types of AI during the course of the game and will learn to identify these AI types from their behavior. For example, the Militia' AI type reflects the least experienced enemies that Rainbow will encounter. The "militia" may have basic experience with guns and grenades, but if they're surprised by Rainbow's presence it takes them longer to ready their weapons. In the heat of battle, they may flee in terror or go nuts and charge at the player, ignoring threats, and cover.

The Terrorist' AI type is more experienced than the Militia AI type, and they handle combat stress a little better. They are a little faster to ready their weapons, and are not likely to charge or flee. They like to make effective use of nearby solid cover.They will lean around corners and duck back to hide from fire and throw grenades when they think the player is too good.

The Mercenary' AI type reflects professional soldiers hired by the enemy to do a job, and the enemy is paying well. They've been trained and are very experienced combatants. They not only react quickly to combat situations but also know the best places in a room to find cover when combat breaks out. They will cover doorways and other places where more threats can appear and make effective use of explosives. They even know how to effectively clear rooms, turning the tables on Rainbow and room clearing on you.

In addition, a lot of work has gone into the Rainbow AI. They will not only move, shoot, and seek cover like the Mercenary AI type, but will also check corners when moving through a level and know multiple ways of clearing rooms. When the combat intensifies they'll call out for cover fire and seek the best cover in the firefight. Rainbow team members are the best trained, most experienced anti-terrorist operatives on the planet and they have the combat skills to prove it.

8. What types of environments do the missions in Lockdown take place?
Lockdown takes place in a variety of realistic locations, some of which are modeled after actual buildings and then altered for the best possible gameplay. Rainbow will fight in war-torn cityscapes in the Middle East, in Moorish castles on remote islands, above and below the streets of France, on a ferry in the English Channel, and that's just a few of the locations.

All theenvironments are real enough for players to believe they exist. All the combat that takes place in these environments uses plausible objects to provide cover for Rainbow and the enemies. The sounds the player will hear inside combat and out reinforce the player's immersion.

9. A lot of discussion has focused on whether or not Lockdown will keep the same feel and gameplay of previous Rainbow titles. Can you elaborate?

Rainbow Six: Lockdown is pure Rainbow Six action and tension, but more focused for console systems. All of the action is still realistic and tense, and players who "run and gun" will find that they'll need to drastically change their approach to be successful.

The game has been built from the ground up to enable the player to have the kind of intense firefights that have made the franchise so popular. The player will find that using cover and using the team and the specialized equipment effectively will help them win firefights. For Lockdown, the focus is on combat - more intense combat and more combat than previous titles. That focus is the difference between Lockdown and other Rainbow games.

Also, the addition of Dieter Weber as the sniper creates a new kind of combat experience for the franchise. Previously, players could take a sniper rifle as equipment, but the environments were not entirely suited to long range engagements. Now, when the player is Weber the entire gameplay environment has been created with that sniper rifle in mind. It's a different kindof combat from previous titles and it's different than the restof Lockdown itself. The fans have wanted a more tactically accurate representation of sniping in the franchise, and now we have it.

* Stunning graphics and ultra-realistic "ragdoll" physics deliver staggering realism and spectacular close quarter firefights.

* New elite operatives for the most captivating squad-based gameplay : 10 multinational operatives, including Recon, Electronics and Demolitions experts are available to help you to complete the missions as you command your 3 AI-teamates through Quick Order Interface or Voice Command.

* Superior multiplayer experience: One of the best multiplayer games ever returns with the classics: Adversarial & Cooperative modes through Split-Screen & on-line. Additionally exclusive mode make their appearance with:

* New Xbox Live "Career Mode" allows players to create their own operative, improve their skills and acquire extra equipment in all-new objective-based missions.

* Increasingly intelligent enemy A.I.: With every mission, enemies get more dangerous using tactics like flanking, suppression fire and room clearing.

* New weapons and equipment: Complete your mission with all of the tools of the trade including new items like motion trackers, battering rams, and the deadly MTAR-21 micro assault rifle.

* Tension-building sound effects: Creaking floorboards, whispers and hostages begging for their lives hint that a threat lurks around every corner.
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