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Prisoner of War by Codemasters




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  • Mild Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Codemasters
  • Developer: Codemasters
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

This is a preowned video game. It is guaranteed to work on your XBOX video game console and may not include a box or instruction manual. Prisoner of War captures the intrigue, danger and heroism of Allied escape attempts from prisoner of war camps during World War II, including Colditz - the Germans highest security "escape-proof" camp. Gameplay delivers a tense 3rd person stealth adventure game where bravery, stealth and cunning will win the day.

Prisoner of War is a new kind of escape adventure. You're Captain Lewis Stone, a US pilot sent on reconnaissance in the midst of World War II, to investigate strange goings-on in the POW camps of Europe. Shot down and captured, you're impounded in the very camp you were sent to observe.

Where most games would have you blasting into action with all guns blazing and unlimited resources at your disposal, Prisoner of War casts you as a different kind of hero for a different kind of game. The challenge here, whilst impounded at the mercy of Axis forces, is to use your skill, wits and cunning rather than overwhelming firepower to defeat your enemy.

In World War II these Luftwaffe-run camps were bound by the Geneva Convention. In general, POW's were relatively well treated; rations were available and a degree of respect was shown. It is this realistic environment which governs the game play of Prisoner of War. Stay within the rules and you might make it through the war. Step out of line and you risk a German bullet. Unfortunately, this just what you have to do.

This makes Prisoner of War unlike any other game. It's an engrossing 3rd-person action-adventure that doesn't rely on huge explosions, or blowing the enemy away, or racing around at breakneck speed. Instead the player has to think their way out of their situation, hiding in the shadows, disguising themselves, using items they have found or stolen and turning the camp's routine against itself.

This is no easy task. Remember that as a POW, you are guarded night and day by enemy soldiers that are no less intelligent than the player. If they spot you doing something untoward, they will raise the alarm. If you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, you'll probably spend some time in the cooler. If they realise you're trying to escape, you may well end up in the hospital - after all, every single one of them is armed and has orders to shoot escapees on sight.

Against overwhelming odds and with deathonly a few yards away at all times, a gung-ho approach just won't work. Not only is overt action likely to bring your mission to an abrupt end but, as your fellow prisoners are keen to impress upon you, the possibility of retribution means there are more lives at stake than just your own.

If escape were the only objective, freedom might not seem such a distant goal. However, Captain Stone will soon realise that there is an even greater challenge ahead of him. The camps are the cover for a secret enemy masterplan - the whole reason why they were so well guarded in the first place. Not only is escape now a priority, but if the foe's plans for a war-winning super-weapon are not thwarted, then the tide of war could turn fatally against the allies.

It's going to take every ounce of cunning you have to outwit the guards, investigate, expose and if possible - sabotage, this terrifying threat in an epic adventure which will take you from the shores of Europe to the heart of Colditz Castle. Get home with your skin intact and prevent the course of history being rewritten.

Prisoner ofWar - a new kind of hero, with a new kind of challenge in a new kind of game.
* In POW there are many ways to outsmart the enemy and escape, but beware - failure could change the course of history.

* Encounter edge-of-your-seat tension - guards are everywhere;can you find the holes in their security and break out to freedom?

* Help or hindrance? Interact with 32 NPC friends, comrades and enemies.

* A totally immersive and realistic experience as incredible artificial life technology governs the behavior of every person in the camp.

* Rich, tense soundtrack as environmental algorithms dynamically perform seamless movie-style music that adjusts according to your situation.

* Multiple POW prison camps including a complete and compelling recreation of the unbreachable Colditz Castle itself.
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