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NFL Head Coach by Electronic Arts




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  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: EA Sports
  • Category: Sports

Product Details:

Do you lose sleep questioning a head coach's call, or scream at your TV, booing your team's draft pick? Take the fate of the franchise into your hands with NFL Head Coach, the first-ever 3D sports strategy game. Whether you're coaching from the sideline, conducting practice, making draft day deals to snag a future superstar, or delegating all responsibilities to your assistants, manage it all with easily mastered controls. Football knowledge, not fast button mashing, drives your success. Monday morning quarterbacks can now experience the emotional coaching rollercoaster with the most true-to-life and authentic sports strategy game ever created.

* Interactive 3D Environments - Experience the life of a head coach through multiple detailed, lifelike environments and user-friendly controls. Use the simple conversation system to make decisions where they happen - on the practice field, in your office, meeting room, draft war room, and at the stadium on gameday.

* Team Preparation - Make the correct draft pick based on what you learn at the scouting combine and year-round scouting of key players. Set your practice schedule to run drills and full-squad scrimmages to get the most out of your key players. Interactively change plays on the field or just let your assistant coaches, whom you can hire and fire, do the day-to-day dirty work and head straight to gameday.

* Build Coaching Status - Increase your legend status by winning Super Bowls, producing Pro Bowl players, and mentoring assistant coaches. Move up in the NFL Head Coaches Hall of Legends, passing current and past coaches to become the greatest NFL head coach of all time.

* Voice-Activated Gameplay - You have the option to use your headset to call plays, receive streaming audio updates from your coordinators, and give your quarterback last-second adjustments.

* Gameday - Call plays from your gameplan and see your team execute with precision. Interact with your players on the sideline during the game to change strategy or motivate them to give extra effort.

* Learn from ESPN Experts - Trey Wingo walks you through the game from the set of ESPN's NFL Live and gives you background information about the coach you create. Mel Kiper, Jr. fromthe set of the ESPN's NFL Draft provides his one-of-a-kind draft day analysis.
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