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NFL Fever 2002 by Microsoft




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  • No Descriptors Available
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Developer: Microsoft Game Studios
  • Category: Sports

Product Details:

This is a preowned video game. It is guaranteed to work on your XBox video game console and may not include a box or instruction manual. NFL Fever 2002 combines fast and hard-hitting action with deep season and career modes. Designed exclusively for Xbox, NFL Fever 2002 features stadiums from all 31 NFL teams and enables gamers to participate in up to 25 seasons. Gamers can amass both individual and team trophies and build their own dynasties, season after season. The fast-playing NFL tempo lets gamers explode through the holes and break loose, just like real NFL players.

NFL Fever 2002 delivers all the hard-hitting action and in-your-face attitude of the NFL - right to the Xbox! Featuring players and stadiums from all 31 teams, NFL Fever 2002 lets you create your own NFL dynasty as you develop player's skills and abilities, draft, trade, and sign rookies and free agents, retire players and more while playing up to 25 continual seasons. Innovative camera angles keep you in the center of the action and the post-game highlight reel lets you relive those monster hits and big plays over and over again. With cutting edge graphics built from the ground just for the Xbox, you'll feel every bone jarring tackle, and see all the nitty-gritty details - including the facial animations of the players! True, smash-mouth NFL action at its finest - NFL Fever 2002!
Great Graphics:

* Lighting. Highlighting and shadows move across players' bodies and uniforms. Helmets include reflection of stadium lights and architecture, while dramatic day and night skies and shadows are visible.

* Models. Highly detailed player models reflect the size, shape and attitude of real NFL players, including variable accessories such as gloves, wristbands, face masks, taped fingers, QB play sheets, shoes, spats and pads. Players' faces animate and lip-sync for incredibly realistic taunts, celebrations, brutal hits and fatigue.

* Movement. Momentum-based motions in the game are captured at game speed with a highly detailed skeleton to provide some of the most bone-crunchingly realistic animation of any electronic football game to date.

Great Gameplay:

* Pace. Maximize the players' time on the field scoring points and delivering crushing blows.

* Player interaction. NFL Fever 2002 delivers some of the most intuitive and responsive game controls available in sports games.

Challenging Depth:

* Dynasty mode. Gamers can play multiple seasons and unlock Super Bowl championship teams that will become on-field opponents as part of the game players' future schedules.

* All-time challenge mode. Players can challenge the greatest Super Bowl teams of all time.

* Trophy case. Players can work their way into the Hall of Fame and collect virtual trophies for season and career accomplishments.

* Dynamic Player Performance Model (DPPM). Ratings improve as players improve their gamecharacters' skills.
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