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Malice by Jack of all Games




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  • Strong Language
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Jack of all Games
  • Developer: Jack of All Games
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

Malice, the tough girl with a big hammer, is the most unexpected heroine on Xbox. In the strange backwaters of a dread universe an unusual girl is sent to repair a fractured world and defeat a God gone mad. It's up to Malice to set things straight with her array of spectacular magic, surreal allies and unique weaponry.

In a war between two unlikely forces, a strange girl dies, only to escape the long queues of dead in the afterlife and return to fix the fractured worlds it seems she might have created.

On her return, she must reboot the Orrery, the machine that turns the universe, and travel through the Elemental Gates of the Past, Present and Future Her adventures will pitch her against funny characters, surreal creatures, Magic Guardians, and the brutal marching boots of an unending cloned Army. All time-lines lead to a final blistering conflict with a super-fueled, lava drooling, nuclear Fire God, hell bent on consuming the planet

Help Malice evolve through 4 different incarnations to become the Goddess destined to defeat a God gone mad! Use an array of spectacular magic skills and apocalyptic weaponry, like the Clockwork Hammer, the Mace of Clubs and the Quantum Tuning Fork... Surreal, stunning and unique, Malice is a cataclysmically dark and comic tale.
* Wield apocalyptic weapons like the Clockwork Hammer, Quantum Tuning Fork and the Mace of Clubs.

* Master the mayhem of 5 Elemental Magics.

* Explore 22 free-roaming, dementedly detailed and ominously shadowed levels.

* Experience furious combat action, brain-frying puzzles and interact with fiendish foes.

* Transform through four different incarnations to become the powerful god destined to defeat Nefarious Rex.

* True real-time shadowing.

* Fully parametric Phong shading with pervasive bump-mapping.

* No far clip planes, ever...

* Super-high detailed characters with weighted soft-skinning.

* Ultra high-res textures.

* IK simulators for hair and other flexible objects.

* Realtime 3D surround sound with 64 voices at once.
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