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Knight's Apprentice by Jack of all Games




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  • No Descriptors Available
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Jack of all Games
  • Developer: Jack of All Games
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

In a remote part of Avalon known as the floating isles, a now secluded MERLIN is busy with the education of MEMORICK, his young apprentice. Although the boy is making great progress, his heart lies elsewhere. Secretly he dreams of justice, honor and knighthood...in essence, all things not wizardly

As Memorick, you will defend your native land form the ...dark armies raised and trained by the evil MORGANNA. You will explore on and fight a wide range of enemies and monsters in game mode such as horseback, shield-sliding, flying on a griffion's back and hand to hand combat.

The Legend Begins:

Long ago in an age of wonder, when the era of men was still in its infancy, there was an island in the sky... Avalon

From her floating domain, the Goddess Mab watched over all of the lands; keeping balance between the magical forces of the world. Alas, the time of the gods was drawing to an end and like her kin, it was now Mab's time to abandon her dominion and leave the world of men. But Mab refused to relinquish her throne. She summoned all Dragons to her and a great war erupted... Wielding Excalibur, King Arthur led his knights into battle. With the help of his half-sister Morganna and the great Merlin, they were victorious. Alas, when the dust of battle settled, Dragons were neveragain to be seen in the lands of Avalon.

As for Mab, Merlin used all of his strength, all of his power to imprison her essence in a magical crystal of holding... It is rumoured that Merlin sacrificed nearly all of his power to achieve this. A decade passed... and Avalon remained safe. But evil, it seems, would not easily renounce its claim over Avalon. For a veiled threat now casts its sinister shadow upon the land...
* Features easy pick-up and play style for gamers of all skill levels.

* Shield, sword, armor and strength upgrades throughout the game

* Dynamic cast of charcters and fantastic creatures

* Based on famous Arthurian legends, in superb fairy-tale setting, with beautiful 3D interactive environments
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