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High Heat Baseball 2004 by 3DO




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  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: 3DO
  • Developer: 3DO
  • Category: Sports

Product Details:

High Heat Major League Baseball 2004 is the most realistic baseball simulation available! Whether you're a casual fan or a hard-core baseball junkie, we think that you'll love this game. You will notice the smooth new graphics and character animations. You'll also notice the abundance of game modes and options. The new Career and Franchise Modes enable you to take your team through an unlimited number of seasons. If you chose to, you can manage team budgets, player contracts, and make other financial decisions. Or dive right into the action with the Two On Two Showdown or Home Run Derby Modes.

* Stunning New Graphics - All new motion captured player movements, new animation system, enhanced stadium lighting and new graphics engine!

New Career and Franchise Modes:

* Unrestricted Multi-Season Play

* Complete Minor Leagues System

* Multiplayer, Unbalanced, and CPU Trading

* Comprehensive Player Contract, Financial, and Free Agent System

* Realistic Player Management Features

* Rookie Draft

* Even More Extensive Tuning Menu means you can adjust nearly every facet of the game to your liking.

* 27 Pitch Types from detailed scouting reports add to the depth and realism.

* Hundreds of New Player Animations including new celebrations and frustrations.

* Improved Broadcast Quality Presentation including more high impact in-game visuals than ever before.

* Eleven game modes include Home Run Derby, Fantasy Draft, Create-A-Player, Player Editor, Career, Franchise, Exhibition, All-Star Game, Playoffs, Two On Two Showdown, and BattingPractice.

* Advanced TruPlay A.I. means the most realistic batting, base running, fielding, pitching and managing.

* Two On Two Showdown mode for the ultimate quick game competition... pick your favorite batter and pitcher to square off against another two players!

* More signature pitcher and batter animations-the stars pitch and bat just like their real-life counterparts!

* Rich audio experience includes hecklers, vendors, crowds, stadium announcer, interactive crowds and a two-man announcer team.

* Awesome gameplay features include umpire arguments, player ejections, dropped third strikes and catcher snap throws.

* The Most Extensive Gameplay includes Load Custom Roster capability, Extra Players list, and Computer Trade Accept/Deny Logic.

* Download new content on Xbox Live including team roster updates.

* Compatible with HDTV 480p.
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