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Godzilla: Destroy all Monsters by Atari Games




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  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Atari Games
  • Developer: Atari
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Legendary monsters battle among earth's cities to determine the planet's fate. Attempting worldwide domination, aliens have gained control over Godzilla's longtime rivals - the kaiju must be defeated. Participate in a spectacle like no other by combating the greatest beasts on a colossal scale, as the world's future hangs in the balance.


Mechagodzilla 3 - "Mechagodzilla 3" (also known as "Kiryu") was developed by the Japan Counter-Xenomorph Self Defense Force, as the ultimate anti-Godzilla weapon. "Mechagodzilla 3" is built with the DNA extracted from the Godzilla skeleton left on the seabed in 1954. "Mechagodzilla 3" is heavily equipped with various weapons throughout its body, including the ultimate weapon called "Absolute Zero" Cannon that can instantly destroy its target to molecules. Height: 60 meters (196 feet)

Weight: 40,000 metric tons (44,000 tons)
Powers/Weapons: Twin Maser Cannons housed in the mouth, shoulder mounted Rocket Launchers, Missiles mounted on the back and the "Absolute Zero" Cannon.

Godzilla 1990's - Godzilla landed and wreaked havoc in Tokyo beginning in 1954. Godzilla is believed to be a dinosaur mutated by an atomic bomb testing near Bikini Atoll in the same year. Godzilla has continued to attack Japan and is feared as the mightiest "Kaiju". But, its ecologyand number arenot known as yet.

Height: 55 Meters (170 ft)
Weight: 25,000 metric tons (27,500 tons)
Powers/weapons: Atomic ray, nuclear pulse, devastating tail attacks

King Ghidorah - King Ghidorah's origin lay not in space but in the future. King Ghidorah was created from the atomic fusion of three genetically engineered creatures (called Dorats) into one three-headed dragon. King Ghidorah is employed as a weapon of destruction by fugitives from the future (Futurians) and intended as a weapon to subjugate Japan.

Height: 150 Meters (492 ft)
Wingspan:175 Meters (574 ft)
Weight: 70,000 metric tons (77,000 tons)
Special Powers: gravity beams from mouths, hurricane winds from wings

Gigan - A fusion of flesh and technology, Gigan hails from the Nebula M Spacehunter. Evil cockroach-like aliens sent this cyborg monster to Earth on a mission, with King Ghidorah, to destroy human civilization and pave the way for the installation of a new, alien civilization and"perfect peace."

Height: 65 Meters (213 ft)
Weight: 25,000 metric tons (27,500 tons)
Special Powers: Buzzsaw in abdomen, hammer-claw hands, laser eye beam

Megalon - As protector of the undersea Kingdom of Seatopia, Megalon was sent to the surface world to punish mankind for the unregulated testing of nuclear weapons that had devastated the submerged civilization.

Height: 55 Meters (180 ft)
Weight: 40,000 metric tons (44,000 tons)
Special Powers: lightning bolt from horn, napalm bombs from mouth, drill hands to burrow under the Earth.

Mechagodzilla - A monster robot fashioned from "space-titanium" by yet another race of aliens bent on world domination (the Simeons, ape-faced creatures from the Third Planet of the Black Hole), Mechagodzilla sports an awesome arsenal of beam weapons and murderous missiles, sufficient to wipe out a city.

Height: 120 Meters (394 ft)
Weight: 150,000 metric tons (165,000 tons)
Special Powers: mega-buster ray, laser eye beams, paralysis missiles

Rodan - Like Godzilla, Rodan is a prehistoric beast, an enormous flying reptile revived from a long hibernation in the bowels of the Earth. However, while Godzilla is a creature altered and granted new powers from his exposure to radiation, Rodan is merely a species of flying reptile that once lived in the prehistoric past.

Height: 70 Meters (230 ft)
Wingspan: 120 meters (394 ft)
Weight: 16,000 metric tons (17,600 tons)
Special Powers: Uranium heat beam, flying attacks

Anguirus - Anguirus is a monster that started out as a foe to Godzilla and wound up an ally. Like Rodan, Anguirus has been identified as a revived prehistoric beast, a cousin of the Ankylosaurus but at a height of sixty meters, much larger than its extinct relative.

Height: 60 Meters (197 ft)
Length: 100 meters (328 ft)
Weight: 30,000 metric tons (33,000 tons)
Special Powers: Tusks and horns, spikes oncarapace

Mecha-King Ghidorah - This cyborg version of King Ghidorah boasts a triple beam-spouting robot head, solar panel wings, and weapons loaded body armor. The Futurian who created Mecha-King Ghidorah was a young Japanese woman from the future who did not wish to see Japan destroyed by Godzilla. In an interesting role reversal, Mecha-King Ghidorah thus became Japan's only hope against the rampaging Godzilla.

Height: 150 Meters (492 ft)
Wingspan:175 Meters
Weight: 80,000 metric tons (88,000 tons)
Special Powers: Laser triple beam, gravity beam, anti-gravity flight, body armor

Mothra - A monster of principal and peace, Mothra fights only when her protected people, the natives of Infant Island, are under threat. Mothra has shown battle skill in defeating Godzilla and great bravery in single-handedly facing the terrible King Ghidorah.

Length: 65 Meters (213 ft)
Wingspan: 175 Meters (574 ft)
Weight: 20,000 metric tons (22,000 tons)
Special Powers: hurricane winds, antenna blasts, reflective scales that turn attacking energies back on their source

Hedorah - A mobile sludge pile createdwhen an alien spore from space combined with earth's overpowering industrial waste. Hedorah is a transforming monster beginning life as a multitude of tiny, tadpole-like creatures swimming in polluted water throughout the oceans. Two by two the tadpoles meet and unite, growing ever larger until they evolve into a gigantic form that moves onto land in search of more concentrated form of pollution.

Height: 0.1 millimeter to 60 meters (197 feet)
Weight: 0.001 metric ton to 48,000 metric tons (52,800 tons)
Special Powers: sulfuric acid mist, acidic mud, flight

Destoroyah - One of Godzilla's most powerful foes owes its existence to the only weapon ever to prove truly effective against the King of the Monsters - the Oxygen Destroyer. According to scientific conjecture, the anaerobic conditions that resulted in Tokyo Bay due to the Oxygen Destroyer's effects revived a colony of microscopic Precambrian-era crustaceans that soon grew to be human size and beyond - ultimately amalgamating into one armored, winged, bipedal behemoth dubbed Destoroyah.

Height: 120 Meters (394 ft)
Weight: 80,000 metric tons (88,000 tons)
Special Powers: Explosive micro-oxygen spray and laser horn
Xbox Exclusive Features:

* Mechagodzilla is rebuilt and back for more! Mechagodzilla 3 Attacks!

* New Melee Mode allows battle it out against 3 AI at once!

* Take the fight to the alien home world of Vortaak

* Go toe to toe in the largest boxing ring in the world.

Game Features:

* Earth's Greatest Cities become the battlefields for legendary monsters.

* Choose from over 10 monsters and five modes of play.

* 4 player fighting mayhem!

* Huge sense of scale puts you in control of a 33,500 ton beast.

* Utilize each monster's unique attributes to obliterate rivals.

* Go hand-to-hand at close range, or dominate from a distance with projectiles.

* Using advanced weaponry, human armies protect their cities against a monstrous onslaught.

* Aliens plot and scheme to stop Godzilla from ruining their plans. Use their tactics against them
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