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Freestyle Metal X by Midway




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  • Blood
  • Mild Violence
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Midway
  • Developer: Midway
  • Category: Sports

Product Details:

Freestyle Metal X unleashes anarchy with the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Be anti-establishment: break windows, run over people, ride where you normally can't ride... and get away with it. With an unlimited stunt system and a lawless energy, Freestyle Metal X dares riders to push the envelope with psychotic tricks in limitless, freestyle environments full of challenges and side events. Freestyle Metal X doesn't just cross the line, it eliminates it. A sizeable dose of insanity will help you perform stunts on the tops of buildings, get air over the Vegas Strip, or shoot yourself out of a cannon onto the Marina streets. Be sick all over!

* Unlimited Stunt System - Mix and link huge combos that never end to create brand new tricks in real-time: try the Saran Wrap, Cordova, Stripper, Hart Attack and more.

* Characters - 16 riders including nine top pros leading the sport: Clifford "The Flyin' Hawaiian" Adoptante, Ronnie Faisst, "Mad" Mike Jones, Jeff Tilton, Nate Adams, Kenny Bartram, Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg, Trevor Vines and Kris Rourke.

* Expansive Worlds - Get lost in eight HUGE levels, which include three to four separate competitions, and special challenges throughout as you move up through the ranking from poser, freestyler, superstar to legend.

* Side Events - Open up the following events as you gain popularity and money in career mode. Daredevil Arena - Bus Jumping, Wall of Death, Tunnel of Fire and more!! Olympic Arena - Long Jump, High Jump, High Drive and Ski Jump.

* Seamless Levels - For the first time ever in a sport game,unlock each arena and have them linked together allowing you to drive seamlessly from one level to the next without loading.

* Killer Soundtrack - The best metal you ever rocked to with bands like Motley Crue, Megadeath, Motorhead, Twisted Sister and more.
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