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Fight Night Round 2 by Electronic Arts




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  • Blood
  • Mild Language
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Category: Fighting

Product Details:

Unleash the most fearsome punches in video game history with EA SPORTS Fight Night 2005. For the first time, a single Haymaker can crumble your opponent to the canvas like he was hit by a wrecking ball. Every devastating punch inflicts massive punishment and reduces a fighter's ability to defend himself - swollen eyes impair vision and broken ribs reduce mobility. Use the all-new Cut Man between rounds to minimize the damage because nagging injuries persist from fight to fight and haunt you throughout your career. Manage your boxer inside and out of the ring and pave your path to glory with EA SPORTS Fight Night 2005.

EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 2 continues to deliver innovative gameplay via the analog Total Punch Control mechanic, allowing gamers to throw multiple punches, block, bob and weave with complete precision and control. Packing in more fearsome punches, players can now dominate the ring with the all-new EA SPORTS Haymaker allowing gamers to knock down their opponents with one devastating blow by adding extra power to each punch. Every hit counts in the game with powerful punches inflicting dynamic injuries on opponents, and thus reducing a fighter's ability to defend himself. Players will also manage the boxers inside and out of the ring. Utilizing the new EA SPORTS Cutman, gamers can minimize damage on their fighters by helping them heal critical wounds between rounds.
* All-New EA SPORTS Haymaker - One-punch knockdowns are now a reality - you're always one punch away from flooring your opponent, but miss and you're in trouble.

* Total Boxer Control - You now have total control of your boxer with 360° Sticking and Moving and the ability to punch and block while dancing around the ring.

* Create A Champ - Using the thumbsticks for total precision, create and train the ultimate champion by transforming his skills and physique.

* All-New EA SPORTS Cut Man - Counter the effects of damage, and keep your fighter in the bout by taking an active role between rounds.

* Dynamic Punch Impacts - Each punch pays off with stunning visuals that reflect the effect of each blow. Your fists have never felt so powerful as injuries affect your fighting abilities - a swollen eye prevents you from blocking, and a broken rib impairs your punching ability and mobility.

* Next Gen Graphics - Experience the realism as the sweat drips and muscles flex on the most realistic boxer models ever created.

* Xbox Live - Prove your skills by going head-to-head against other boxers in the ultimate destination for online gaming.
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