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Fatal Frame by Tecmo




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  • Blood and Gore
  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Tecmo
  • Developer: Tecmo
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

Based on a true story, Fatal Frame recounts Miku's investigation for her brother Mafuyu when he goes missing for two weeks. Her latest clue leads her to the abandoned Himuro mansion. Mafuyu was investigating the disappearance of three people, one of which was the famous writer Junsei Takamine, who was also his mentor. The townfolks, however, aren't being cooperative with the investigation, so he decides to explore the mansion alone. Gifted with a supernatural sixth sense, Miku is worried about her brother's fate, so she enters the mansion in search of him.


Miku - Miku is the main character in Fatal Frame. Because of her sixth sense, Miku has had a difficult time both making and maintaining friendships. Most people she tries to interact with think she's strange.

Mafuyu - Mafuyu is Miku's brother. After the mysterious death of their parents he is the only family member she has left. Mafuyu visits the Himuro mansion in search for Takamine, a famous novelist and good friend, who has disappeared.

Kirie - Innocent people were killed in the Himuro mansion and the local residents blame their deaths on Kirie. Her spirit continues to haunt the mansion... and Miku.

Miyuki Hinasaki - Miyuki is the mother of Miku and Mafuyu. Having her own keen spiritual sense, she was concerned about the supernatural powers she has passed to her children. Before her mysterious death, she left her beloved antique camera to her children.

Tomoe Hirasaka - Tomoe is Takamine's assistant. She too has disappeared while on her visit to theHimuro mansion with Takamine and Koji. Much like Miku, Tomoe also has a sixth sense.

Koji Ogata - Koji is Takamine's editor. He accompanied Takamine on his trip, hoping to gather materials for his own horror magazine. He is also missing.

Junsei Takamine - Takamine is a famous novelist. Once a best-selling novelist, his book sales are now slumping. In hopes of increasing his notoriety, he decides to research an old ritual performed by the Himuro family and goes missing at the mansion.
* Unique Camera Combat System

* Revolutionary ARNIS Audio Technology gives gamers surround sound without the costly setup

* Lack of loading times when entering new rooms

* Gripping Game Story

* Cinematic cutscenes
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