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Far Cry: Instincts by UbiSoft




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  • Blood and Gore
  • Intense Violence
  • Strong Language
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: UbiSoft
  • Developer: UbiSoft
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

This game is playable on the Xbox Live Online System. For a full list of Xbox Live products, click here ! Far Cry is set in the future that features exciting new elements and 3D worlds set in both vast detailed outdoor and indoor areas. Far Cry will showcase the latest AI and physics technologies to recreate the most believable character movements, as well as realtime 3D atmospheric sound rendering, weapon bullets and footsteps as if you were there, in the game.

A tropical paradise seethes with hidden evil in Far Cry, a cunningly detailed action shooter that pushes the boundaries of combat to shocking new levels.

Venture through an utterly realistic tropical island, with no limits placed on where you can go or how far you can see. Become embroiled in a thriller movie-style storyline, controlling one man in a bid to escape from the island with his life. Encounter and defeat highly intelligent enemies in stunning tropical locations, as you jump into a game world modeled to an unparalled level of detail - with next generation "physics-on-demand" and a view distance of over half a mile.

Far Cry Instincts - Multiplayer Fact sheet

Jean-Francois Naud

Basic Facts

Up to 16 player over system link and Xbox Live
Up to 4 player splitscreen
15 maps at release
Up to 4 team in Team Chaos
Every vehicles from the single player game will be available in multiplayer (7 vehicles)
Each Traps (2) and weapons (18) will be availableas well


Overall 4 modes will be available:


It's basically our version of deathmatch, the first player to reach the predetermine kill number, wins the match (and the rights to brag about it)
- Options available
- a time limit can be placed
- number of kill can be changed
- type of weapon available in the map
- number of maximum respawn
- a power up can be placed in the map (become the predator for X seconds)

Team Chaos

Up to 4 teams can battle against each other, threat will be coming from several directions, the first team to reach the predetermine number of kill will win the match.
- Options available
- a time limit can be placed
- number of kill can be changed
- type of weapon available in the map
- number of maximum respawn
- a power up can be placed in the map (become the predator for X seconds)

Steal the Sample

Our version of "Capture the flag", the player will have to steal a sample in the enemies' camp and bring it at his camp toscore a point. Unlike other game, the player carrying the sample will be able to use his weapon and toss the sample to a team mate. When a team reach the predetermine number of points, they win.
- Options available
- a time limit can be placed
- type of weapon available in the map
- number of maximum respawn
- a power up can be placed in the map (become the predator for X seconds)


A group of mercenaries is trying to go across the map to reach a transmitter and send the kill sequence. Once the sequence hit zero, the predator is dead. To reach the transmitter, the mercenaries will have to go through the predator territory. The predator will have the complete set of evolutions (Feral Skills, Stronger and regeneration).

There will be 1 predator for 4 mercenaries. The predator will respawn if killed but the mercenaries won't. Mercenaries will win the game when the kill sequence hits zero and the predator will win when all mercenaries are dead. Coop play will be veryimportant to survive.
- Options available
- a time limit can be placed
- type of weapon available in the map

15 maps will be available at launch, 6 small maps (2 to 6 player), 5 for medium map (4-12 players) and 4 big one ( 8 -16 players). One of those maps will be totally created using the in game map editor that we will be offering at launch. Every map will be available for Chaos and Team Chaos mode but the smaller one won't be available for Predator and Steal the Sample.

Map Editor
A map editor will be offer to the community in order for them to build & share their own multiplayer maps and play it on Xbox live. Another document only on the map editor is available.

FAR CRY INSTINCTS AI Q&A Laurent Mascherpa Technical Creative Director

1- Why Far Cry Instincts F.A.R. AI is so good ?

FCI AI is based on Far Cry PC version, and has been adapted for the console version. We kept the wide open environments we had on PC and the AI is able to go anywhere the playergoes and hunt him down.

This is very important because in the first part of the game, the player will be a prey. It means that having enemies tracking you is a major point.

The game has a procedural AI allowing the player to play either stealth/tactic or aggressive. The AI will react differently depending on how you choose to play. It offers more replay value and satisfaction than a scripted AI.

For FCI, we made some optimization for console needs and some enhancements; in the AI system we added a tool to integrate the story into the experience, because in FCI all story events are interactive.

2- What feature of Engine ensures an intelligent response to the player's actions?

In FCI any AI has its own understanding of the environment - they see, they hear, and they have knowledge of what it is: an ally, an enemy, a vehicle, a grenade, a gunshot, a dead body ...

Based on this information, an AI makes decisions, changes or not its state of mind and takes action; it allowsus to have credible human behavior.

For stealth situations, the player is encouraged to use environment to his advantage, the AI detection system takes into account the vegetation (grass and bushes), the water, the ambient noise and the visibility. Since the AI hear things and see things, we can try to trick them, for example: throwing a rock will emit some sound that distracts them in order to backstab them silently, or also to attract them into a branch whip.

In firefight situations, knowing the environment permits them to have a dynamic use of covers to hide, to lean and shoot from behind and to flank the player.

In the first part of the game, the player is a prey so when he quits a combat the AI will track him down.
In the second part, as the player shifts more and more to become a predator, the reaction of the enemies will be different and their strategy will change.

3- What will the AI in Far Cry Instincts allow the enemies to do in the game? Can they work in group or protect their lives?

Yes, enemies are acting as a group. They'll use covers in the environments to protect themselves and will adopt complementary strategies. For example when you arrive in a fight, one will try to flank you while one will stay away throwing you grenades and shooting at you from behind his cover.
Enemies are also able to trigger alarms to alert the camp or call reinforcement if they see you before you kill them.

4- Will the enemies be aware of changes in environments, like bird that flies away or foliage movements, making them spot the player?

The player is encouraged to use the wilderness of the environment to be protected from the enemies, but anything that makes noise (for example: getting out of water too fast) can raise their interest in your direction.

5- Can they use weapons of their fallen teammates, or replace them behind a mounted weapon? Can they use any vehicles?

All enemies are already well equipped so they will not use fallen weapons.
If some enemies are asked to protect a point, and if you kill the guy that is using the mounted weapon, another will take his position unless this is not the best choice for him (for example: A grenade has been thrown in direction of the mounted weapon).
In these huge islands enemies are able to use vehicles to chase you, to block your way, or to bring reinforcements. In FCI you will see mercenaries in Humvees, on ATVs, in helicopters, on water scooters and on a variety of boats.

6- About other character's AI: can we expect real-time reactions of Jack's allies, or co-op phases?

You know, we have a character called Valerie, she will sometimes act with Jack, her objectives in the game is more to reach a safe spot, than fighting enemies, but she will do some firefight.

Finally, is there anything else you'd like to add?

In FCI, we introduced new gameplay elements affecting the AI, like the backstab, the branch whip and the feral abilities, so you can expect answers from the AIs and a lot of fun !!!

Many thanks.

Thank you for you interest in the game.

Jean-Fran├žois Dugas Lead Game Designer

1 - Two great factors of freedom in FC PC were the incredible view distance and the wide spectrum of weapons, allowing the player to choose between long range shooting and close combat melee ...Have you managed to keep this element of freedom on Far Cry Instincts?

Absolutely. Our goal was to stay true to the PC version for all the best aspects even with the long and short range shooting.

2- Was the freedom of movement and approach (ie combining straight-up combat with stealth) a move to get beyond the feel earlier FPSs?

I think we have an edge over most FPS on that matter. In general, FPSs are straightforward shooters, with Far Cry Instincts our setting gives us an opportunity to really give the players the tools to play the way they want.

3- Will the game favour stealth gameplay, or is Far Cry more actionoriented? What kind of tactics and inventory management will there be?

FCI is more an action shooter. The first part of the game (~ 2-3 maps) is stealthier oriented but from there, we'll progressively give the player the tools to play it more frantic. And even though we're giving a lot of freedom to players as tactics are concerned, all the choices will result in simple actions. There is not much inventory management to deal with per say. We kept it very minimal.

4- Far Cry must have the largest environments we have ever seen in any game. How was the game designed to achieve this? Could you tell us a little about it, and how you have managed to make it work?

The challenge was more technical than anything else. So, obviously, FCI maps have been created with the console limitations in mind which means: less polys, lower textures resolution, etc. The largest maps were created in this optic so we were carefully thinking about where to put the goods or not.
I'm not the most technical person on the team but let's say that LOD tricks were among our best friends.

5- What types of environments will we see, and what is the approximate ratio between indoors and outdoors gameplay? Also, will there be day and night gameplay?

You'll see a variety of lush environments. From beach landscapes to the depth of the jungle, from cliffs to caverns, players will never battle in 2 similar levels although they'll look consistent from the beginning to the end. Since gorgeous landscapes are central to the FCI experience, I would say that outdoor environments make up for around 70% of the game. Some areas will be played at day while other at dawn or night. It will create various levels of tension.

6- There are many weapons available in Far Cry Instincts...but there are also plenty of vehicles...could you please give us some details on them?

We have around 15 weapons to choose from. It goes from the simple butterfly knife to grenades, machine guns and rocket launchers.
For vehicles we got 7 of them. We have land vehicles such as the ATV, water vehicles such as the water scooter and we have an air vehicle, the glider.

7- How much of a role will vehicles play in the game?

Vehicles are mainly used in chase sequences although players will be able to find some other creative uses out of them.

8- In addition to this large array of weapons and vehicles it was revealed at this year's edition of E3 that you added an innovative trap system to Far Cry Instincts.... Could you please present it briefly to us? What will it bring to the gameplay in your opinion?

We got the branch whip to install on trees and the claymore mines which are not a trap per say but we might come with an interesting twist for it. 
The goal with the traps (especially the branch whip) was to give the player a stronger sense of being trapped in a wild environment where he must use the best of it to overcome the challenges. Traps can be installed almost everywhere in the maps.
I think this will give some spontaneous fun back in the FPS type of games, not only for solo play but for multiplay as well.

9- In terms of enemies and enemy tactics, what can we look forward to? Do enemies have business to go about, or are they generally just on guard duty?

It's a mix of both. We want our enemies to look like they're real men. They will complain about their conditions or even tell jokes; they will be scared by things, they will guard, etc.
In combat, they might try to flank you; the leader will give orders, etc. We want them to feel organic as much as possible. We'll also have some scripted behaviours in some places to create more spectacular stuff but in the end, the goal is to make players believe they're fighting people instead of robots.

10- finally would you say that Far Cry Instincts' huge, open-ended levels offer a new type of gameplay to FPS gamers?

To me, it just feels fresh. And when you play it, you'll see that it has some cool toys to experiment with that expand on the gameplay possibilities. Far Cry Instincts is not your average shooter.

Finally, is there anything else you'd like to add?

If you want to play a shooter that really feels and play different while keeping the classical stuff intact, get it end of next September.

Many thanks.

Patrick Redding
Scriptwriter and Game Designer for Camera and Scripted Events

Q: From what we have seen at E3, it seams that Jack Carver is now evolving - physically and mentally - all along the game? Could you please give us some more info?

A: Jack's evolution is at the heart of the Far Cry Instincts experience. Our theme is "Adapt or Die," and in the story this is linked to the research of the main antagonist, Dr. Krieger. Krieger believes that modern humans have become too disconnected with the natural world. He develops a serum that allows humans to tap into their dormant animal abilities. After Carver receives this serum (involuntarily), he begins to manifest improved strength, speed, stamina and senses. But he also finds it easier to fall back on raw aggressiveness to deal with his enemies, and this pushes him steadily towards savagery and inhumanity. Carver starts out at a disadvantage, but over time becomes uniquely suited to the tropical wilderness. He becomes the perfect predator.

Q: So before becoming a predator Jack will be 1st a prey. Could you please let us know how this will be translated in terms of gameplay?

A: When Jack first arrives on the island, he's armed only with a butterfly knife and his wits. The first levels are designed to reinforce the sense that he's outnumbered and outgunned by providing the player with more opportunities for stealth-oriented action, or with hit-and-run tactics as he begins to acquire better weapons and vehicles. We've brought in a trap system for Jack that lets the player improvise branch-whips and set tripwire mines. After Jack receives the serum that unlockshis Feral Abilities, he finds himself having to be more proactive, raiding enemy camps or conducting guerrilla-style missions. This puts him in a more offensive role, but against progressively tougher enemies who know how to manoeuvre. In the last act of the game, Jack has unlocked all of his Feral Abilities and suffers fewer drawbacks, making him tougher and less inhibited; so there we've created big set-piece battles pitting him against larger numbers of human and inhuman foes in more dangerous terrain.

Q: What sort of tactics will it need to use in order to survive?

A: Initially, it will be a choice: Sneaking around, using the vegetation and water for cover in order to get the drop on lone enemies with backstabbing or traps; Or, using the open environments to move into position, then staging lightning fast raids to take out several enemies at once with vehicles or heavy weapons before disappearing into the jungle. Later on, Jack can exploit his Feral speed and barehandedattack to disrupt groups of enemies from within their ranks - even tricking them into accidentally firing on each other. As his senses become more fine-tuned, he'll be able to operate freely in low-visibility environments where his human enemies are at a significant disadvantage. Finally, once he finds himself up against some of the more aggressive non-human enemies he'll have to modify his approach and use combinations of weapons and Feral Abilities.

Could you please describe us a moment of the game where you'll feel like a prey?

A: Right after Jack's been captured and injected with the Feral serum, he wakes up in a container truck being transported to parts unknown. Using his increased strength to break out, Jack finds himself being pursued by mercenary hunting parties who essentially want to put him "back in the zoo". As he runs through various outposts, the mercenaries will trigger a sonic defense system that only affects Krieger's specimens. This reveals the first major drawback of Jack's new abilities... that he can be cornered like an animal and tormented by his pursuers.

Q: What feeling do you please think this will bring to the player compared to competitors?

A: The Far Cry world elicits very specific emotional reactions because of how it uniquely combines atmospheric beauty with lurking danger. Everywhere in the game, the player finds himself in these rich environments that prove to be lethal if handled improperly. The payoff is when the player is able to use those hidden dangers to his own advantage. All of our gameplay mechanics reflect this. Most of our competitors' games, however great, operate in pretty standard shooter environments. Even in the Next Gen, it seems like the typical sci-fi shooter is still riffing on themes from the mid-1990s. Not just aesthetically, but in terms of gameplay. Most recently, we've had great military shooters that do a decent job of conveying the feelings associated with realistic warfare. But Far Cry can claim sole ownership of the "wilderness shooter" genre.

Q: Could you please let us know more about traps? Jack will be able to set up traps? But do CPU will also have the abilities to set up some

A: At the beginning of the game, Jack learns to improvise a simple branch whip and lure unsuspecting mercs to their doom by tossing pebbles in the right spot to get their attention. The mechanics are pretty straightforward: Press the black button to bring up the trap reticle, which in the case of the whip is a translucent branch that goes opaque when it's positioned over a usable tree. The player pulls the right trigger to bend the branch into position and it's set. Later in the game, the mercenaries start deploying Claymore mines, which are triggered by tripwire. Jack will be able to pick up the mines and set them using the same system, in this case pulling the right trigger and using the thumbstick to extend a tripwire out in whatever direction he wants.

Q: From what we understand, somepart of the game play will be more stealth oriented? Don't your please think this may break the gameplay pace?

A: Not at all. The whole proposition of Far Cry is to enable the player to approach any given challenge in their own way. The player is never forced by the design of the level to take the stealthy approach as opposed to a more action-shooter approach. There will be sections of the game where we set out deliberately to slow down the pace in order to create a heightened tension, especially where Jack is being hunted down. But even there, the option to move through the vegetation or make a desperate run-and-gun dash is still there. Of course, as Jack evolves over the course of the game, those options become a lot more fun!

Q: How would you convince the Core PFS gamer that steath really bring something to Far Cry Instincts gameplay

A: Actually, the open environments of Far Cry Instincts make it an easy sell. Even the most aggro FPS gamer occasionally finds himselfrunning low on ammo or health! By providing a sophisticated cover system and a responsive AI that adopts different tactics based on the player's approach, we're making it possible for players to move seamlessly between stealth and run-and-gun as the need arises: To bypass a threat, load up on pickups or flank an enemy. Hardcore players appreciate having access to a variety of systems and being able to combine those systems creatively for the win. This becomes even more apparent in the multiplayer game.

Q: Creating a prey feeling will also mean having a pretty accurate AI? Can you please tell us more about your AI system (as it was a big part in Far Cry PC)? Can we compare it to the PC one?

A: We based our AI system on the PC one to have several layers of "life" to the mercenary enemies, and also allow squads of enemies to work collectively to create interesting challenges for the player. As in the PC game, our mercenaries have innate behaviours that they carry out even when they're notindirect contact with the player. After all, they have jobs to do, same as the rest of us. But what's different is how those same mercenaries transition into incremental states of alertness when the action starts. For example, a mercenary squad might have no idea that you're up on a ridge watching them... until a patrol chopper flies over and spots you, and then contacts their fellow mercs to order them into a search pattern. Once you get into a firefight, the mercs will adapt their approach depending on how aggressively you're being. If you're taking the stealthy option, they will try to flush you out with grenades, or outflank you. If you're being more aggressive, they may fall back to a defensible position, try to slow you down by throwing obstacles in your way and then direct overwhelming firepower at you. The main thing is that we've put a lot more of this behaviour into the hands of the AI, rather than scripting it case-by-case.

Q: Finally, is there anything else you'd like toadd?
A: It's really a small detail, but it's near and dear to my heart: In order to create a compelling first-person experience, we chose to keep all of our scripted events in-game... No cut-scenes; no leaping into 3rd-person. Once the player is in Jack Carver's shoes, he stays there. This really helps to create a sense of immediacy to the world and preserves the most important promise of the Far Cry world, which is the ability to go where you want and do what you want.

Even though I'm most directly involved with the Solo Mode in Far Cry, I want to make sure that everyone is aware of just how amazing a multiplayer offering we've put together. Particularly, we've taken on the challenge of developing a custom map editor for console gamers, and made it work by giving gamers access to a uniquely Far Cry' set of environments.

Many thanks.
* Heart-pounding tropical island isolation: Experience unprecedented drama and realism with incredible lighting and shadows, adaptive audio, and weather effects that impact gameplay.

* Next-generation engine: A new standard of action gaming with advanced environment and character physics, destructible terrain, dynamic lighting, motion-captured animation and total surround sound.

* Unparalled long range gunplay: Battle to the ends of the earth with Far Cry's utterly unique, 800-meter scalable view system. Lock into enemies from a distance with motion-sensing binoculars. Then choose your style of attack - from long range sniping to ballistic close-quarter firefights - and everything in between.

* Cunning and complex artificial intelligence: Gameplay never becomes repetitive with units including snipers, stalkers, scouts, and grenadiers engaging you from all angles, distances and terrains in coordinated strikes. Commanders will even call for reinforcements by land, sea orair.

* Diverse combat action: Master a dynamic slate of combat skills - close-quarters combat, long-rnage shooting, search and destroy tactics, stealth operations, and combat driving skills through indoor and outdoor environments.
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Important Information:

If you are a fan of the Far Cry franchise, check out the latest game in the franchise, Far Cry 3. Available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Digital Download.