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ESPN College Hoops 2K5 by SVG Distribution




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  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: SVG Distribution
  • Developer: Jack of All Games
  • Category: Sports

Product Details:

In collegiate basketball, there's a world of possibilities no matter how big or small the college program. A season of success or defeat can be determined with one single decision, one coaching change, and even one shot. One player can make or break a team's chemistry.

One coach, whether it's the head honcho or a new assistant, can lead the team to the Big Dance or back to the drawing board. Only one game truly realizes the passion and pageantry of the college hoops game. So, break out your clipboard, whistle, and best calls as ESPN College Hoops 2K5 brings you the unbridled emotion and wonderful magic only exhibited in a real college basketball game.
* All New Graphics Engine - Raising the bar on visual realism, graphics and animations are given a face-lift using an enhanced ESPN NBA engine. New, detailed animated jerseys, shorts and new 3D crowds help create a true college basketball experience that is ESPN College Hoops 2K5.

* Reactive Court Sense - Computer-controlled players now have the ability to decide independently how they can best help their team and realistically react based on each human players' actions. The result is the most natural looking college basketball as players run timed catch and shoot passing plays, lead passes that hit cutters to the basket, and CPU players determining the best way they can help win within each coaching calls and team philosophy.

* Revamped Legacy Mode - A textbook full of additions to Legacy Mode include new coach settings for both head coach and assistant coaches allowing players to tailor training time, scouting and recruiting. Critical decisions on how to recruit both juco players and foreign players will impact the success of your school's program, and with all new small school
progression even the tiniest programs have a shot of making it big.

* Coach Mode - Feel first-hand the heart-pumping action as you are really put in command of a college basketball team. You watch and call all the important plays from the sidelines, direct your players and make key OT decisions.

* ESPN Presentation - Jay Bilas and Mike Patrick return to the booth this year with insightful commentary, completing this authentic ESPN-style experience. The emotional tide of the game is complemented with enhanced audio delivering the most accurate college chants and fight songs.

* IsoMotion2 - Implementing this ground-breaking feature first seen in ESPN NBA Basketball, IsoMotion2 infuses ball handling skills with new life. Deftly perform spins, crossovers, and fakes outside the perimeter and now, in the post. Use IsoMotion2 on the defensive side to contain overaggressive ballhandlers and force turnovers.

* Online Play - Go head-to-head whenever you want with your biggest college rivals. Online play offers tons of online features, leagues, tournaments, buddy lists, and more.
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