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Dino Crisis 3 by Capcom




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  • Blood and Gore
  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

More than 500 years in the future. On a spaceship named Ozymandius. You are your partners are on a search-and-rescue mission: piece together the space-craft's mysterious re-appearance after a 300-year absence. Armed with hyper-speed booster units and an arsenal of futuristic weaponry, you'll confront ferocious space mutations and evolved forms of dinosaur creations in your quest to solve the mystery. It's out of this world gameplay!

Dino Crisis 3 begins with the discovery of the gigantic spaceship "Ozymandius" that has suddenly re-emerged after disappearing for 300 years. Players assume the role of Patrick, a member of a special operative team, who is sent by the government to investigate and procure any possible survivors aboard the outpost. As Patrick and the agents infiltrate the spaceship, they come upon a horrific scene of ravenous dinosaurs inhabitingthe spaceship. Despite the unnerving situation, they must cautiously proceed with their mission. Now it's a life and death struggle against these massive beasts as they float through the dark recesses of space.

Equipped with hyper-speed booster units, players will maneuver quickly throughout the environment. Patrick's tight hand-eye coordination and lighting fast reflexes accurately blast any moving target no matter what speed they are traveling at. This new type of control is a break from anythin gever seen and will offer new challenges and more freedom ofmovement. Visually, Capcom has focused its attention on achieving a sense of scale and solidifying the craft's detail.
* Based on the popular Dino Crisis franchise

* Explore a dynamically changing 3-D galactic ship

* Experience fast action and reflex intense battles

* Change the spaceship layout, collect objects and solve puzzles to achieve your objectives
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