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Cold War by Dreamcatcher




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  • Language
  • Tobacco Reference
  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Dreamcatcher
  • Developer: Dreamcatcher
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

Cold War follows the story of a freelance journalist who finds himself in the midst of an international conspiracy that aims to control the U.S.S.R. Twelve hours after arrival in Moscow for a routine story, he has been stripped of all possessions, beaten unconscious and thrown into the KGBs political prison. Using only recovered weapons and improvised gadgets, he must now evade or overcome elite Soviet forces and defeat the conspiracy before he is sent to a Siberian prison camp or killed.

* Players match physical strength and wits against the powerful Russian enemy in stunning environments from the former U.S.S.R, including Chernobyl, the Mausoleum and Lubyanka, the notorious KGB prison.

* With a strong espionage/stealth style, the game offers realistic AI enemies and missions based on real-world events.

* Gamers will accomplish objectives in multiple ways; locating hidden paths and combining in-game elements to create weapons and traps, silently eliminating opponents.
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