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Carve by Jack of all Games




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  • No Descriptors
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Jack of all Games
  • Developer: Jack of All Games
  • Category: Sports

Product Details:

This game is playable on the Xbox Live Online System. For a full list of Xbox Live products, click here! CARVE harnesses the sheer power of Xbox to create a race experience that mixes thrills and authenticity in equal measures! Carve features a unique and amazing trick system, mixing beat 'em up buttons with extreme sports combos. Pull big tricks to earn big points, then get rewarded with a massive adrenaline rush when you hit the water again. The more points you earn, the more rush you'll get. Hit the water and BOOM! - you're rushing!

* Hammer down canals in Europe; burn past sunbleached shores in the Pacific; leap from soaring falls in the USA, then take a break in calmer waters; and shatter the frozen seas of the Arctic before tackling Carve's final challenge - Steel Ocean.

* Each of Carve's levels is visually resplendent with an authentic atmosphere, ensured by the dedicated team jetting off to Thailand, Iceland, Amsterdam and the Grand Canyon on research matters, before channelling their discoveries back into the game. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it!

* Carve features a huge range in gameplay styles across its levels, due an amazingly flexible design system. Battle through stormy seas, clip along rolling waves, or scythe through smooth lakes and harbours. On top of that, levels feature a variety of weather styles and time of day options. Carve is truly a gamer's delight!
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