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Brute Force by Microsoft




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  • Blood
  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Developer: Microsoft Game Studios
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Instantly take control of any one of your four highly specialized super-commandos in Brute Force, a new action-packed sci-fi squad-based shooter. Whether the encounter requires stealth, tactics, sniping, or just Brute Force, your team is ready and able. Experience the intensity of a shooter with the cunning strategies of team-based tactical combat. Play alone through six different worlds in the extensive single-player campaign, or grab up to three of your friends to jump in on-the-fly in Dynamic Co-op mode. Battle it out in a multitude of competitive deathmatch modes as well.


The homeworld of the Feral race is a spectacular planet. Much of Ferix's hot and humid surface is covered in swampy water with huge trees rising from the mire. Over the years the thick branches of the trees have grown together to form huge platforms which extend for miles. It is upon these platforms that the civilization of the Ferals is built. Many of their buildings are carved out of these massive tree trunks; however, the Ferals have also built tall, narrow buildings on the platforms. Catwalks weave among the trunks and platforms, joining them together.

While the Ferals generally live in small settlements with small populations, there are a number of cities within the forest, and a couple of spaceports open to the sky. In these places the populace tends to be more cosmopolitan than the tribes of the wilderness. Ferix is a new member of the Confederation, and its citizens are generally friendly to Humans.

Ferix is, naturally, occupied almost exclusively by Ferals.Civilians and Shaman wear traditional dress, hides and native cloths covering the loins and shoulders, and soldiers augment this with bone or metal-alloy armor on the torso, shins and other exposed points.


The planet Caspian, third from the sun in the Ulysses System, is an earthlike world that has been inhabited for just over a century. It is currently host to a colonist population of about 250 thousand. Most of these are scattered across the equatorial surface of the planet. Approximately half of these work in Sootrock mining, or Sootrock support industries, making Caspian the industrial center of the Ulysses System. The remaining population is divided between the relatively unsophisticated planet-side militia forces, and agricultural interests.

There are four major population centers on Caspian. The first is the desert state of Ferguson, which is the mining center of Ulysses. The second is Bulgar, avast sea of natural grassland, which is ideal for grain production. The third is Gulag, a tropical archipelago that supports the system's primary spaceport and center of commerce. The fourth is the city-state slum of Vesper, a communal living experiment outside of Confederation jurisdiction. Ferguson dominates the other cities with its Sootrock refineries, two military bases and central location. The Confederation sometimes conducts operations in Bulgar and Gulag, but the citizens of Vesper stubbornly resist involvement and are not under its rule or protection.


The volcanically active moon of Osiris, circling Caspian, is intensely hot with a thin atmosphere warmed by numerous magma flows. It is occupied by a colony of aliens commonly called the Seers, who live in scattered pockets throughout the Known Worlds. These creatures, tall and thin with pale skin and opaque white eyes, are physically very weak, but they compensate with remarkable psychic abilities. They can wiltanenemy with psychic blasts, conceal their presence, and influenceothers using their mental powers.

The Sword of Shadoon colony was founded by a militant religious cult of Seers. The cultists prophesize that soon, a day of reckoning will come which will bring the Confederation to its knees. When the Confederation is weakened by this event, their leader, Shadoon, will step in and rule the Known Worlds as a Priest-King.

The colony is built on the side of an active volcano. The bright sun hangs in the sky for most of the year, day and night, due to the colony's location on the South Pole. The atmosphere is breathable, though most comfortable to Seers - Ferals breathe with difficulty. The moon's gravity is about 75% Earth-normal.
* Simultaneously control of four distinct commandos. You have complete authority over the universes toughest commandos. Choose between a deadly sniper, the war-hardened assault trooper, a cunning scout, or a feral alien. With the tap of a button, you can switch between commandos and select a squad member that is perfect for any combat situation. Each commando is uniquely qualified for different scenarios, and it is up to you to determine how to best deploy their skills.

* Co-op and deathmatch multiplayer for up to four gamers. Battle it out with up to three friends through the entire mission campaign. Each player can select which member of the squad to control, and jump in or out of the game at any time. Snipe the enemy from behind while squad-mates blaze forward with the heavy stuff. Or sneak ahead as the scout to decide how to instruct teammates to fight with optimal tactics! Also, friends can battle it outagainst one another in a variety of deathmatch modes.

* Weaponsand equipment galore. Select from a vast multitude of deadly weapons, equipment and gadgets. Equip teams with Mini-guns, Sonic Cannons, Stealth Suits, Sniper Rifles, Psychic Blasts, and the like. Each weapon is specifically designed to take advantage of certain enemies and environments. Youll need to learn the strengths of each weapon to best exploit the weaknesses of your foes.

* Amazing next generation visual effects. Witness dazzling effects, dynamic lighting and gorgeous graphics beautifully rendered in different environments. See detail at a level you didnt think was possible.

* Commandos grow in skill. Grow the skills and abilities of the commandos as they are used. Imagine developing a highly skilled sniper that can take out an enemy in a single precise shot, or the raw power of an assault trooper as he takes on an onslaught of enemies.

* Six challenging worlds. Explore six different exotic worlds, each with a unique environment, enemies and gameplay strategies. Youll need to learn how to best use the unique abilities of the commandos to survive in each world.

* Awesome audio. Experience the incredible realism of Dolby 5.1 Surround as the environmental sound effects and music bring the world alive.

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