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Blowout by Majesco




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  • Blood
  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Majesco
  • Developer: Pipedream Interactive
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

BlowOut is a pick-up-and-play run and gun side scrolling action combat game that uses 3D character models to set itself apart. Mixing intense shooter action with manic game play, players are immersed into a dark and threatening environment where it's either kill or be killed. As TransFed Marshall John "Dutch" Cane, you've been assigned to suppress a routine clone uprising on the massive battle platform, Honour Guard. Little do you know, the clones have been exposed to a Xeno genome virus, which has mutated them into aggressive, grotesque aliens. Their plan is to control the platform so they can spread the deadly virus to the TransFed colonies and the rest of the universe. Your orders are to take down the uprising at all costs, even if it means destroying the Honour Guard.

Enemy Profiles:

Piranha -
The smallest, yet most ferocious of the attack bugs. Measuring no more than 40-50 cms across, these bugs protect the hive against any invaders.

Easy to kill yet extremely deadly at close quarters due to masive razor sharp jaws. They bite through personal armor, latch onto the victim and eat away at the living tissue until there is none left.

Known to inject it's victim with a muscle stimulant to keep it alive even when the Piranha has eaten away most of the victims limbs.

Swarm Bug -
The Swarm Bug is a fast insect-like xenomorph soldier bug, growing to about 1.5 metres in size.

This bug is strong, highly aggressive and will attack any intruder in waves of dozens of bugs. 4 eyes located above the razor sharp jaws give a near 360-degree field of vision.

Able to reach a maximum ground speed of 60hm/h making this one of the most feared soldier bugs.

Spider Bug -
The KPA35 Spider is a hunter-killer soldier xenomorph; medium-armored, its skeleton provides good resistance against projectile-based arms.

The Spider Bug is able to attack its victims with speeds reaching 100hm/h. This bug is indiscriminate and will attack any creature regardless of size.
* Ten levels of intense side scrolling action

* Blast through walls, ceilings and floors to discover secrets and power-ups

* Choose from a variety of weapons: 20mm Pump-Action Shotgun, 8-meter Flamethrower, Plasma Rifle, Machine Gun, 8'' NailGun and more.

* 360 degree range of firing motion

* From mutated beasts to alien insects, evade 14 different types of enemies.

* Collect "Modifiers" to power-up your weapons. Increase the level of efficiency, diversity and damage or enhance your physical attributes: Health, Speed, Invisibility, etc.
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