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Alter Echo by THQ




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  • Fantasy Violence
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: Outrage Games
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Alter Echo is an innovative action game that lets players morph between three combat modes and alter time with pioneering TimeDilation technology. The game lets players assume the role of Nevin, a reluctant hero with the ability to alter time and morph his PolySuit between three unique combat forms. He must fight for survival against an entire planet that has gone mad - the surface of the planet is alive, and uses its bio-mechanical properties to spawn enemy after enemy, ensuring relentless action. A revolutionary PostFX camera system intensifies the action with spectacular visual effects that heighten the drama of every combo and special attack.


Personality: Nevin makes wisecracks for a reason. The IMS corporation may own his contract, but they don't own his mouth, and so long as that's true they don't own him. Sure, they can force him to work and use his Shaping talent to their benefit; but they can't force him to roll over and play happy puppy. Nevin's managed to wear down every executive who's ever tried to tame him, and in the meantime his ability to shape Multiplast has grown. An individual in an age of corporate conformity, Nevin has a potential for heroism that hasn't been tapped - yet.

History: Interstellar Multiplast Systems recruited Nevin at the age of seventeen, when he was still a minor. His parents signed the contract, claiming it was for his own good. Yeah, right. The corporate pensions-for-life had nothing to do with it. At first IMS predicted great things from Nevin: testing scored his raw Shaping potential in the ninety-eighth percentile and revealed that he was a Time Dilatoras well. What the tests couldn't predict was his attitude. Nevin spent his initial tour on Proteus demanding to be released from his contract and filing grievance after grievance - about the food, the boredom, corporate policies, corporate propaganda - everything. IMS transferred him to the prestigious Design Institute in the hope that advanced training would appease him, but to no avail. Nevin's all-too-accurate critiques of the instructors' teaching methods and Shaping techniques got him thrown out of class after class. Finally, a canny IMS executive recognized Nevin for what he was - an indispensably talented pain-in-the-ass--and transferred him to the one place where he might do IMS some good: the Troubleshaper Division, a small group of enormously talented and profoundly cranky Shapers tasked with evaluating and correcting the work of lesser Shapers. As a member of TroDiv, Nevin is never in one place for too long. He shuttles between fabrication and design installations, perfecting new Multiplast designs, solving problems. His latest orders are to accompany two corporate soldiers to Proteus, the planet he once called "the only place in the universe less interesting than the pit of my navel." Nevin doesn't know it yet, but this time around Proteus is going to offer him plenty of excitement.

Personality: Stome is focused and business-like. A Lieutenant in the IMS police (the corporation's private army), he is a company man through and through, sure to follow orders to the letter and accomplish his mission. Duty and obedience are at the center of Stome's universe, and he instills these values in those he commands.

History: Stome served for two decades in the defense force of Three Suns, his homeworld, rising to the rank of Major. Following the deaths of his wife and children in one of the NeoLud terrorist attacks that were common at the time, Stome received an honorable discharge and vanished from the public eye. He reappeared three years later in an IMS-funded medical program (rumored to be a detox unit), and upon release enlisted in the corporation's police force. Over the years he has served in numerous actions, refusing promotion past his current rank of Lieutenant. Stome brings years of combat experience to the job, and has gained renown by winning three inter-corporate shooting competitions for IMS. Over the past eighteen months he has been partnered with Arana on several assignments; he has utter respect for her as a warrior but worries that she serves no higher purpose than herself.

Personality: Arana is driven to test and improve her combat skills. A relentless training regimen and her natural athleticism have made her a deadly martial artist and swordswoman. Though she comes across as aloof and detached, Arana is always in tune with her surroundings and nothing escapes her attention.

History: Arana shocked her upper-class parents when she dropped out of Turmaik University to pursue a career inCyclone racing. They begged her to reconsider and even offered bribes, but Arana never looked back. She began to amass first- and second-place trophies, and was within reach of winning all three races of the 2847 Ulteron Trifecta when a rival collided with her. Arana was nearly killed. Mom and Dad offered to pay for the extensive bone and tissue replacements she needed - but only if she agreed to quit racing and get a proper education. Arana's response was to sever all contact with her parents and arrange for the IMS corporation to fund her treatment in exchange for four years of service. Following her surgeries, Arana surprised IMS by refusing management positions in favor of a term with the corporate police. She has spent the past three years ceaselessly training in the martial arts, and has won seventeen inter-corporate swordfighting competitions to date. Arana has no close friends but maintains a fondness for Stome, who recognizes her for what she is: a warrior.

Personality: From Delvar Penal Colony Record #27103-A302B12: "...Inmate places personal survival above all else, with monetary gain coming a close second. Cunning and highly manipulative, especially of inferior personalities. Since beginning sentence has seized distribution of contraband in Cellblocks A15-A34. Opposing gang members suffered debilitating assaults during lights-out, but no surveillance evidence (infrared or otherwise) has proved inmate's involvement..."

History: An interstellar criminal, Kess has served time for smuggling, larceny, and corporate espionage--but far less time than judges intended, for Kess's impatience with penal institutions extends to escaping from them after a month or two. Kess met Gherran, a congenital sidekick if ever there was one, during a terribly inconvenient term of incarceration at the Delvar Penal Colony; the two have been inseparable ever since. For six years they have cut a swath of felonious mischief across the Twelve Worlds. Smuggling makes up the bulk of their income, but they have been known to take on enforcement work or the occasional kidnapping-for-hire when strapped for cash. Kess is the brains of the outfit, always cooking up a new scheme, but is also an accomplished master of stealth and infiltration; Gherran provides the muscle. Despite all efforts to the contrary, Kess has developed a personal affection for the big lug, something that annoys and vexes Kess to no end.

Personality: Gherran is a pretty straight-forward guy. He likes big guns and explosions. Stuff that involves neither is pretty damn dull. Gherran also likes Kess, a whole lot. Kess is smart, and has plenty of ideas that call for Gherran to use big guns to blow stuff up. And that's pretty damn cool.

History: Gherran used to be a guy without a whole lot of vocational opportunities. School wasn't much fun, except the part where you got to make the school mascot explode or bully the skinny boys into giving you money. That partwas okay, but they also made you take tests. So after getting expelled Gherran got the one job he could, and that job was as a guard on the Delvar Penal Colony. Which sounded pretty cool but it was pretty damn dull, even duller than school. The only fun part was this one inmate named Kess, and yep, you got it, we're talking the same Kess that Gherran's hung out with ever since they escaped. And they are real good friends. Kess is super-smart, always figuring out how to make money, and Gherran gets to shoot stuff up or make stuff explode and that is a real good combination. Just recently things have been kind of boring because Kess got them jobs as pilots with this corporation called Trans-Ex, which is real funny 'cause they haven't got pilot's licenses. But whatever. It's a paycheck.

Personality: Blessed with virtuoso Shaping talents but cursed with blind ambition, Paavo has always cared more about his research projects than fellow human beings. His crusade to create arevolutionary form of Multiplast is a product of his megalomaniacal drive to prove his superiority over other Shapers.

History: A prodigy recruited by IMS when he was just thirteen, Paavo rose quickly through the ranks despite a reputation for egotism and ruthless self-promotion. Two years ago he proposed a daring research project to IMS management: Paavo would "improve" Multiplast, creating a new material with advanced shape-changing properties. Were he to succeed, the result would be nothing less than a technological revolution, and IMS would be posed to collect the profits. The project was green-lighted and Paavo transferred to Proteus. His breakthrough came after a year-and-a-half of research - and Xenoplast was born. Now, three months later, Paavo has lost control of his creation. But he cannot admit anyone, especially himself, and so he'll fight anyone who attempts to meddle.
Morphing - An advanced real-time morphing system lets Nevin's PolySuit change between Melee, Gun and Stealth modes on the fly during combat. Each mode has special abilities:

* Melee Mode - This is the default mode, used for rapid movement and to cut down foes with vicious sword combos.

* Gun Mode - Transforms Nevin into a walking tank. Used to annihilate enemies with cannons and grenade launchers.

* Stealth Mode - Allows Nevin to become invisible, climb special "stealth paths", and assassinate solitary foes.

* Time Dilation - Nevin's extraordinary ability to alter time lets him freeze the action. Gameplay transitions to a special Time Dilation display that Nevin uses to cue up "chains" of icons representing special moves and attacks. When time snaps back, he unleashes these moves and lays waste to anything in his path.

* Time Dilation Battles - When one of Nevin's opponents also has the abilityto Time Dilate, it becomes a contest. Nevin and the enemy both assemble chains of special moves across the same Time Dilation display, trying to block each other or cut each other off. The best chain wins
and unleashes an unstoppable flurry of attacks.

* Use Time Dilation to solve puzzles - Nevin uses his ability to "interface" with the environment, opening new paths and changing the landscape. As usual he must assemble a chain of special moves, but now he has to guide the chain around blocking obstacles and through specific target areas.

* Buddy Characters - Nevin's not alone - many times, other characters fight alongside him. They put up a good fight on their own, but they'll also have special moves Nevin can trigger by executing combos.

* PostFX - Mind-blowing visual effects, camera filters, and screen distortions intensify every moment of the action.

* Unique Adventure - Alter Echo is set on a world whose very surface is alive - and it wants you dead.
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