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All-Star Baseball 2005 by Acclaim




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  • Platform: Xbox
  • Publisher: Acclaim
  • Developer: Acclaim
  • Category: Sports

Product Details:

All-Star Baseball 2005 gives you the most realistic "between the lines" game play experience ever with ASB05's exclusive FielderCam. The perennial best selling Baseball videogame franchise is more fun and accessible than ever before, packed with exclusive feature innovations, online head-to-head play AND the deepest franchise mode of any baseball video game.

* Exclusive new FielderCam$B!&(B& BroadcastCam for the most realistic "between the lines" experience available.

* Analog-Control Batting lets you hit for average and power with the greatest of ease.

* Online Head-To-Head play plus downloadable rosters.

* Exclusive TWIB$B%g(B (This Week In Baseball$B%g(B) Challenge lets you relive or change historic moments from the 2003 MLB$B!&(Bseason and unlock TWIB media extras.

* Deepest Franchise Mode available includes Spring Training, Expansion Mode, Create-A-Team and random season schedules.

* Two-man commentary from Steve Lyons and Thom Brennaman, Spanish Play-By-Play from Arizona Diamondbacks$B!&(Bannouncer Oscar Soria and Closed Captioning.

* Master All-Star Baseball 2005 with a video game play tutorial from Steve Lyons.

* Create-A-Player returns with all new textures allowing gamers to make their own MLB all-star.

* Over 80 fully animated stadiums including current MLB parks, legendary stadiums, Spring Training$B!&(Bstadiums and fantasy parks.
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