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Quantum Break by Microsoft



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  • Blood
  • Intense Violence
  • Strong Language
  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

Time is Power


Quantum Break

Show Time
by Ben Reeves

Tell a unique time-travel story through a third-person shooter and a television show


Remedy's time-manipulating effects are truly impressive, and the characters look great. However, seeing real-life actors juxtaposed with their in-game counterparts is jarring


Suspenseful firefights come alive through great sound design, and solid acting work helps bring each character to life


The gunplay feels precise and your wide array of time powers helps keep the action moving even when time isn't


The show leaves a bit to be desired, but the game is full of breakneck firefights and stunning action set pieces


Moderately High

Peanut butter and chocolate. Thunder and lightning. Country music and road trips. Some things go really well together. Television and video games aren't two of those things. Only a few developers have experimented with combining the two mediums, but television/game crossovers never feel like more than the sum of their parts. The closest I've ever gotten to an entertaining game/television experience was watching South Park reruns while playing the South Park game. Quantum Break combines these two media in a new way, including a short-run television series in the middle of a third-person shooter. Unsurprisingly, the show does little to elevate Quantum Break as a game, but the action in this time warp is strong enough to stand on its own.

In previous games, developer Remedy has attempted to tell character-focused narratives in the midst of frantic firefights. While I enjoyed Max Payne and Alan Wake, those stories felt ham-fisted and overwrought. In contrast, Quantum Break is Remedy's best script to date. The story of Jack Joyce is a pulpy sci-fi tale about a failed time travel experiment that grants two men the ability to manipulate time, and their subsequent battle to save timespace from complete collapse. Throughout this journey, Remedy explores the "rules of time travel" in an interesting way and hints at a larger world through scattered emails and other pieces of ancillary story content that I was actually interested to read. The cast of established actors like Aidan Gillen and Lance Reddick also help bring depth to each character, and a few plot twists hold genuine emotional weight.

These interesting story moments are surrounded by impressive time-altered shootouts. Early on, you gain a suite of clever time manipulation powers, such as the ability to create a time shield that slows bullets around you, and a time rush move that essentially turns you into the Flash. All of these powers encourage you to jump out of cover and mix it up in the environment. I loved dashing through the world until my enemies lost track of my position, and then getting the drop on them with a blast of time powers before slipping away again. Your time powers are so diverse that each combat encounter can easily play out in a variety of different ways and the cool downs on each power encourage you to use your full suite of powers while recharging fast enough so that you always have at least one ace up your sleeve.

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When time breaks, catastrophe becomes your playground. As hero Jack Joyce, you'll fight your way through epic disasters that stutter back and forth in time.


A failed time machine experiment has fractured time itself, leaving Jack Joyce to pick up the pieces. As he fights to save time he must also fight ruthless security corporation Monarch Solutions, led by his old friend-turned-enemy Paul Serene. Jack struggles to save time as Paul seeks to end it forever.


Push cinematic action to the next level in this time-fractured world. Freeze time to gain the upper hand. Warp past enemies. Turn time-frozen objects into weapons with a single touch. With time itself in your arsenal, combat is never predictable.


Time collapses around you, creating epic stutter moments where a suddenly frozen world jerks back and forth violently. Stutters can strike at any moment, causing every manner of disaster as time skips forward and back. Navigate these unpredictable catastrophes or become their victim.


The game is just the beginning. Go deeper into the fast-paced world of Quantum Break with a thrilling live action companion series. Your gameplay affects how the live action story unfolds, creating a completely unique entertainment experience. The fusion between game and show leads to dynamic storytelling unlike anything you've experienced.

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