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TRITTON ArK 100 Stereo 3.5m Headset by Mad Catz




  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Publisher: Mad Catz
  • Developer: Mad Catz
  • Category: Accessories , Headsets & Mics

Product Details:

TRITTON® ArK 100 Stereo 3.5m Headset for Xbox One - Get straight into the game with this plug and play headset, featuring the key benefits of the ARK series. 3 EQ modes allow you to customize the audio and, coupled with the supreme comfort provided by our extensively tuned headband, your immersion is guaranteed.

  • Audionomics - Monocurve design delivers robust but lightweight comfort for long gameplay sessions
  • R:drive - multi speaker precision audio (1 x 60mm driver and 1 x 10mm driver) delivers the ultimate powerful audio experience
  • Kameleon - motion dynamic lighting allows you to personalize your headset with ease
  • 3 EQ Modes - choose the audio soundstage that's right for you and your game Folding, uni-directional mic delivers sharp and clear speech to your teammates 3.5mm plug and play