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LucidSound LS15X Premium Wireless Ear Buds by LucidSound



  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Publisher: LucidSound
  • Developer: LucidSound
  • Category: Accessories , Headsets & Mics

Product Details:

The LS15X is unique from typical gaming headsets offering Xbox players a way to enjoy richly detailed audio without the ear fatigue, heat, or moisture concerns common when wearing a traditional headset for a sustained gaming session. The LS15X is designed to sit on the shoulders and neck, extremely lightweight and barely noticeable to the gamer making it a great solution for gamers who wear glasses or earrings. Integrated stereo speakers can be used in lieu of the earbuds that provide a personal audio space allowing players to keep track of the action while reducing isolation and allowing awareness of external sounds. Communication is handled with an advanced digital microphone that has been engineered for clear and reliable voice communications while blocking out ambient audio to teammates.

  • Connect directly to the XBOX ONE with XBOX Wireless
  • Surround Sound via Windows Sonic for Headphones
  • Simple auto configuration
  • Ultra light weight
  • In-ear headset design
  • Integrated speakers
  • Use as premium headset or just for chat
  • Ultra premium build quality