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The Last Remnant by Square Enix




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  • Blood
  • Language
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Violence
The Last Remnant is rated 3.9 out of 5 by 59.
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  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Category: Role-Playing
  • Players:1 Player

Product Details:

In ancient times, mysterious artifacts referred to as Remnants were discovered all over the world. People used these objects for their awesome powers - a choice that eventually began to cause a rift in the world's balance. Equality was replaced by those who ruled and those who were ruled over. War was inevitable. A thousand years later is when this story begins...

Rush lives with his sister Irina on secluded Eulam Island, far from the power struggles for Remnants that are occurring back on the mainland. However, this peaceful life is shattered when his sister is suddenly kidnapped by a mysterious group of soldiers right before his eyes. He immediately sets off after them, unaware of the evils of the outside world but determined to find his sister at any cost.


  • Experience groundbreaking graphics, only possible on next-generation platforms, that bring the intensity of gameplay to an entirely new level
  • Uncover the mystery of the Remnants, powerful artifacts from an ancient civilization that are scattered around the world and stand as they were a millennia ago
  • Navigate a massive battlefield while surrounded by countless foes and friends
  • Immerse in exhilarating, large-scale battles through a never-before-seen battle command system


Game Details

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Number of Players
1 Player
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Underrated game This game was a lot better than the average review for it when it was released. The story isn't anything special but the tactical gameplay is and addictive. The game got a lot of bad reviews because of severe problem with lag that can occur when you're playing it from the disc, but if you install the game to your hard drive it works fine. As long as you have the required space to install the game you won't have any major problems with lag.
Date published: 2015-10-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from I Will Bond Your SOUL!!! I've never really played these type of rpg's games growing up where the game had a lot story missions and side quests to complete. The Last Remnant is a fun game to play, some nights I'd be up until 5am playing. The gameplay isn't too bad, I wish it was more of you being able to control your character and fight using combos like in Devil May Cry. I mean, after you select a command, that's it, just have to sit back and wait until its your turn again, but you get use to it. The only thing about the game I don't like is that it doesn't have an auto save feature, sometimes during battles that I die and I made it so far into the game, I totally forget to hit Y and save the game at that point, but if it had an auto feature after reaching certain points in the game, would've saved a lot frustration. In the end o0f it all, this game is definitely a fun to have for an all night-er.
Date published: 2015-02-08
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Only for the hardcore For one, the reason this game is bashed THE MOST is 1) It is sorta glitchy and stuff. But that DOES NOT make or break the game. You can still play and enjoy it. 2) The difficulty. This isnt like blue dragon or light RPG's of that genre. This is a pretty difficult game. It is Slow at the start but really does pick up. The fights do get intense and there is ALOT of factors that go into each battle that can make you win or doom you to loss. Over all. If you are a casual gamer, avoid this game. If not, it'll be just the thing to make your gaming life a little bit better
Date published: 2013-08-03
Rated 4 out of 5 by from A game that get a lot of undeserved bashing Having seen so many people bash this game I felt the need to air my side of the story here.... The biggest beef I've seen people have with this game was the framerate... that the battles were so choppy that you didn't know what was going on. When I bought this game I installed it on my hard drive and it's been smooth sailing. Another beef was that the game takes a while to really get going but consider the fact that I'm something like 50+ hours into the game and I haven't hit the second disc yet..... this is a very long game (obviously). As for the game itself the graphics are very good as you would expect from a Square Enix product but the soundtrack is off the charts... lots of songs, even more than one song for common enemy encounters (the main one is kind of a heavy-rock anthem-type-thing that is really neat and gets the blood flowing.) Your party starts small but eventually gets to be very large.... my group has something like 8 "main" characters and 10-12 "filler" characters (and I'm not halfway through the game yet) made up of army soldiers you hire from the town you are based out of (and these are the people in COMBAT, the actual "party" is larger). You command several groups and each group has several members so the battles tend to be on a larger scale then normal RPGs. Character development doesn't include as much micromanagement as I would like, aside from your "main" character the other people make many decisions on their own but they ask you for direction..... A knight in your command might decide that he wants to use a certain Axe but he'll ask you if he should focus on getting better with the Axe or learn how to cast healing spells or use ranged attack magic. Since you have so many people being able to control the general talent and skill flow without having to make every little decision is actually rather cool. The game has LOTS of content and side quests but you have to get through the first handful of hours until the game really opens up. When it does (I want to say maybe 5-7 hours in) you have a large world to explore that opens up in good sized chunks at a time. The main character is an annoying brat BUT the surrounding characters are MUCH more interesting and it spends more time focusing on them and their stories to the point that it's ok. In closing this is a content-packed RPG with fun combat, excellent music, a good story (sorry didn't mention that part earlier) and it happens to be very cheap. For the 10-15 bucks I paid i've put a LOT of hours into this one..... the only things you need to keep in mind are to NOT judge the game until you give it several hours of your time... like a lot of LOOOONG rpgs it takes a little while to really get going... and thing #2 is if you don't have at least 15 gigs of free memory you can allocate to this game I wouldn't do it..... people reported game-breaking lag during combat when they ran it off the disc. All-in-all this is a hidden gem that not all people will be able to appreciate fully but the ones that do will enjoy a fine RPG experience.
Date published: 2012-01-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from RPG fans only This game is really good if youre willing to stick it out to the end. The graphics arnt anything to brag about but after getting your butt handed to you by a boss several times, then defeating them gives you a sense of achievement. More than that of Dark Souls. The story keeps you interested and all the side quests will keep you playing for hours. I would recommend this game for hardcore RPG players.
Date published: 2011-12-31
Rated 5 out of 5 by from its a ok game not everyday playing it when i played this game i was alot of fun sure it does not have a auto save like some xbox 360 games. It reminds me of FF 1-12 where u have to go to a save spot to save it reminds me of the old days when ps2 was Huge i have at least 71 ps2 games all RPG games :D. i say buy it, it is up to u if you wanna buy it or not
Date published: 2011-08-28
Rated 4 out of 5 by from A Love/Hate Game First and foremost, you'll probably have to be really hardcore RPG fan to enjoy this game. If you're not, you might want to skim to another RPG that might fancy your attention a bit more... This is a really hard game, some bosses (Gates, brings back some fond cursing memories) will outright make you pray that you can make it through to see the rest of the interesting story that this game has to offer. The game world is huge in scope, with side quests galore (some you can actually miss if you don't find certain ones before certain story elements occur). Certain paths in some dungeons "unlock" depending on how far in the story you get or depending on what side quests that you gather from townsfolk or the guilds, you take up. The Last Remnant's story and world is very biblical in it's own imagination. While I'm not a church goer, the story did captivate me. The story doesn't revolve around "God" or anything of the sort, but names of cities and the world history is very biblical. The graphics are a hit and miss. There are a few beautiful vistas, like Elusion. The sky box for Elusion is personally, my favorite scenery. Areas, such as dungeons are a bit lacking in detail though. 7/10 The gameplay is what's really going to make you keep playing or quit. The battles play out a bit like the movie "300". It's very strategic, with knowing how to flank and do a bunch of other commands. You have to plan out your commands or get annihilated over and over and over again. You don't level up like in other traditional RPGs. Instead, depending on how well each character did, they'll acquire certain skills and more HP in each battle. 8/10 The music is, in my opinion, one of the highlights of The Last Remnant. From the beginning menu song to the rocking battle music, this game delivers some of the best I've heard in a long time, since the Chrono games. There wasn't a time in the game, where I didn't like the background music. 10/10 The lasting appeal will all depend on what you do in the game and how long you really will play it. It's a decent length for an RPG and will suck a few dozen hours from you, if you give it the chance. 8/10 I personally loved The Last Remnant. I can see some people not liking it and even hating it, mainly due to the battle system. I didn't mind the battle system. Even if you're an RPG fan, you may not like it, but it's worth a shot in the dark to at least try it. Even with the cliche in the beginning with Rush's sister being kidnapped, it gets a whole lot better in story wise, that goes eons above- "villain wanted powers, so he kidnapped her" type of deal. Total score- 8/10
Date published: 2011-08-12
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Actually really good. Now I may be biased cause I really liked the game, but I felt it had really solid game play, adding uniqueness to turn base by having health and other stats mitigated to small groups as apposed to one person. This is to say that if one group has 1 person capable of healing, and the enemies manage to stun that one person in the group, then you'll be down those abilities only he has, as well as the attack and defense boosts he gives to that small group, but I digress. The game allows you to chose between a bunch of combat styles; sword and shield, sword, dual swords and two-handed swords. Then there are two-three types of swords, the most noticeable being the katana/european (single edge/curved blade/double edged straight blade) having one focus on straight up attack with the other offering defence bonuses at the cost of some attack power respectively. The biggest thing to look out for in this game is that, not so infrequently, you'll come across an event, usually a boss fight, in which the difficulty goes from moderate or even easy compared to your current stats. to mind numbingly hard to the point of impossible. When you hit this situation you need to man up, admit that it is worth going back to your emergency save, even if, in one case, it is an hours worth of gameplay, and grind like your dancing with some pretty girl/guy that you only just met at a rave with pipe organ put to psychedelic techno remix music. The gist of this being that you will have to grind, you will have to grind more then most people would like considering how frequently they wall you. But don't be dismayed by this since they do take pity upon us unfortunate souls and add an innumerable amount of side quests, hidden or just out of the way dungeons with hidden treasures which mean extra boss fights and even a couple of achievements connecting to killing 2 super rediculous side bosses that require specific conditions be met, being totally worth it, and even side quests for every signifigant character in your party to build an understanding and relationship with them. I still don't think I've done every quest. My advice is that dual weilding may be "better" early on, but when it really counts half way through to the end, two-handed weapons perform far better then dual wielding. Though I hear of cases with people running through with one sword and no shield so I don't judge!
Date published: 2011-08-10
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